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Surprise: Scammers Looking To Scam COVID Passport Users

This would be a minor problem if the digital passports were originally positioned as something very simple, but, right from the get go the Big Government folks pushing them wanted them to be more than just a simple name and vaccination record Scammers are looking to exploit digital vaccine records, officials warn The push to […]

Green On Green: Cult Group Says EU’s Green Deal Is Climate Colonialism

It just goes to show that no matter what one does, it’s never enough, and the nutters will always complain. Oh, and that this isn’t about the climate (via Watts Up With That?) Green Group Accuses Europe of Climate Change Colonialism … Meanwhile, the push for greener sources of energy, particularly in the Global North, […]

If All You See…

…is an Evil carbon pollution infused beer which will cause bridges to collapse, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Don Surber, with a post on understanding white rage. Hopefully Imgur works, had problems last time. Photobucket is misbehaving this morning.

GOP Senators Feel Blindsided By Sleepy Joe’s Bad Faith On Infrastructure Deal

I’m not sure why they are surprised in the least that Joe would double deal, as this happened numerous times while Joe was Vice President, with Obama backtracking on deals that were hammered out and agreed to. They had to know that Joe would not negotiate in Good Faith Key GOP senators balk at terms […]

Totally Not A Cult: Salon Writer’s First Thought On Building Collapse Was ‘Climate Change’

I was hoping to move on from the climate cult’s linking of the Sunrise building collapse with their cult beliefs, but, this one is too nutty to ignore The Miami Building Collapse Is a Warning When I saw Thursday morning that a condominium building had partially collapsed near Miami Beach, the first question I had […]

DOJ To Sue Georgia Over Voting Law That’s Less Restrictive Than Delaware

Why is the DOJ suing? Didn’t they get the memo that Democrats are now supporting voter ID? Also, there’s that whole Constitution thing, which empowers states to set their own conditions for voting and limits Los Federales (say, when is the DOJ going after states which allow illegal aliens to vote?) In Suing Georgia, Justice […]

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