GOP Senators Feel Blindsided By Sleepy Joe’s Bad Faith On Infrastructure Deal

I’m not sure why they are surprised in the least that Joe would double deal, as this happened numerous times while Joe was Vice President, with Obama backtracking on deals that were hammered out and agreed to. They had to know that Joe would not negotiate in Good Faith

Key GOP senators balk at terms of Biden infrastructure bill

President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal has been thrown in doubt as Republican senators said they felt “blindsided” by his insistence that it must move in tandem with his bigger package. The White House doubled down on the strategy, meanwhile, saying it should have come as no surprise.

The rare accord over some $1 trillion in investments faced new uncertainty Friday, barely 24 hours after Biden strode to the White House driveway, flanked by 10 senators from a bipartisan group, with all sides beaming over the compromise.

Senators were described as “stunned,” “floored” and “frustrated” after Biden publicly put the conditions on accepting their deal, according to two people familiar with the private conversations who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the reactions. (big snip)

But Biden’s vow to essentially veto or refuse to sign the bipartisan accord without the companion package being negotiated by Democrats, which is now eyed at nearly $6 trillion in child care, Medicare and other investments, was an additional step that throws the process into doubt.

Instead of being stunned, floored, and frustrated, they should simply walk away and constantly talk about Joe’s Bad Faith negotiations, his double dealing, and make it clear they will pass nothing if this is what Joe wants to do. If you negotiate with me in bad faith, I’m taking my deal off the table and walking away. I’ve done it before. Happened just a few months ago. Person made an offer, we accepted. It was a really good deal, better than most with a very limited amount of product available. We went an got the product, which cost us more money. He came in and said would only purchase for another $500 off plus another $200 in accessories. We said no. He said that’s the only way he’s going to purchase. We said have a good day. Product sold by end of day. Next day he wanted it. Nope, gone. And we refused to do the same discount or locate another. In stock only. Nor would I print out the original deal. I don’t do bad faith deals, and neither should the GOP.

“There’s a lot of conversations taking place right now as to what the president meant,” said Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., in an interview with a Fox affiliate in New Orleans shared by his office.

Cassidy noted that the president may have misspoken and said he hoped “it won’t be as if we crafted something just to give the president a point of leverage to get something that Republicans disagree with.”

Cassidy is an idiot. Biden didn’t misspeak. It’s what he wants. Demand a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and, if Dems renege, walk.

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3 Responses to “GOP Senators Feel Blindsided By Sleepy Joe’s Bad Faith On Infrastructure Deal”

  1. Kye says:

    They negotiate with a known liar and proven traitor and expect honesty? You’re kidding me.

  2. JG says:

    All Republicans that voted yes are fools, knew that the Dems care nothing for the people or them, and should be voted out.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! They trusted anything a Democrat said and “feel blindsided”. There is a total lack of awareness gong on there. At least when they made a deal with Trump, they had a deal. GOP should have made sure Rice was at the meeting and nodded her head.

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