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Americans Totally Want China Joe To Give Them Electric Cars Or Something

There’s a vast, monumental difference between wanting something and actually buying something. I’d love a nice beach house, but, I don’t have$500k+ sitting around for a place I’d used every couple of weeks for a day or two. There’s also a significant difference between wanting something and being forced to get that thing, especially when […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on the incredible arrogance of our self-proclaimed elites. I’m wondering what she’s holding. It looks like a mouth piece connected to her phone? Especially with some dental thing on the armrest of […]

Ilhan Omar Claims She’s Getting Death Threats For Comparing US And Israel To Hamas And Terrorists

Well, an Islamic extremist should understand death threats, because he Islamic terrorist buddies threaten people with death all the time. And want the complete death of Israel Omar says she’s getting death threats over comparison of US and Israel to Hamas and Taliban Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) on Wednesday said she has received death threats […]

Climate Cult: We Need To Stop Feeding People To Solve ‘Climate Change’

I’m sure they would be very happy with cutting off the food supply to those pesky “minorities” in 3rd World Nations. The Cult of Climastrology has always been primarily made up of uber white Leftists in 1st World nations. It’s easy for them to be Concerned about the climate crisis scam, as they’re lives are […]

Next On Agenda For Democrats: Forcing States To Allow Unfettered Abortion

Climate change? Nah. Equity? Nope. Equality? Uh huh. Minorities? Nyet. Illegal immigration? Non. Keep going down the list of things Democrats say they care about and none are more important than abortion on demand. It is their number one thing More Than 220 Democrats in Congress Back Bill to Guarantee Nation-Wide Abortion Access More than […]

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