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Because You Ate A Burger 167 Million Homes Could Be Wiped Out By Climate Emergency

We’ll also blame your great great grandparents for daring to innovate and move prosperity forward with the industrial revolution Climate change: 167 million homes could be wiped out by 2040, warns charity The world could lose 8.4 million homes a year between now and 2040, if extreme weather events continue to increase at current rates, […]

If All You See…

…is a fish that is surely smaller because of the climate emergency, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Bunkerville, with a post on Clueless Kamala debuting her schtick on illegal immigration.

China Seems Upset At America First Technology Bill

Hey, remember the days when Democrats said that America First policies were racist, xenophobic, evil, and so forth? China denounces US bill aimed at boosting competitiveness Beijing has denounced a U.S. bill aimed at boosting U.S. technology to improve American competitiveness, calling it a thinly veiled attack on China’s political system and an attempt to […]

Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Wants To Force You Out Of Your Fossil Fueled Vehicle, Change Your Life

The original headline of this opinion piece was “To Fight Climate Change, Replace Fossil Fuels At Home And Work”, which was probably considered a little too scary even for NY Times readers. And would lead to inconvenient questions like “has Senator Heinrich given up his own use of fossil fuels at home and work? How […]

State Of Washington Offers A Free Joint To Get The COVID Vaccine

This is getting kind of crazy, the way so many states are attempting to bribe people to get the COVID vaccine. What about hooking up those of us who got the vaccine before the bribes started? Of course, really, the bribes are, at best, wooing a few who are on the fence. Most had already […]

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