Because You Ate A Burger 167 Million Homes Could Be Wiped Out By Climate Emergency

We’ll also blame your great great grandparents for daring to innovate and move prosperity forward with the industrial revolution

Climate change: 167 million homes could be wiped out by 2040, warns charity

The world could lose 8.4 million homes a year between now and 2040, if extreme weather events continue to increase at current rates, new analysis has warned.

That would total 167 million homes, which is the equivalent of every home in the UK being wiped out six times over, according to new data published by disaster relief charity ShelterBox.

It estimates that during the three days of this week’s G7 summit in Cornwall, 69,000 homes could be lost to extreme weather globally, which would be the same as a quarter of all families in Cornwall being forced to flee. (snip)

Professor Andrew Collins at Northumbria University, who helped draw up the data, said it should “be taken extremely seriously now rather than any later”, since the estimates of the loss of homes is based on extrapolation from real data already accumulated.

“As the current state of climatic impacts already reveals, and as experienced by billions of people all over the world through the current pandemic, to ignore the warnings in the data complete with its uncertainties is to walk ill-prepared into catastrophic loss and damage,” he said.

So, what’s the consequences to ShelterBox when they are proven wrong? Anything? What about for Sky News and others who gleefully print this bit of cult propaganda, which uses “extrapolated” data? And seems to be blaming every single weather event that occurs. Things that have been happening for thousands and millions of years are now Your Fault for refusing to give up your fossil fuels and modern lifestyle.

Hey, perhaps don’t build a house in a place that could be prone to flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Things that have been happening longer than humanity.

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7 Responses to “Because You Ate A Burger 167 Million Homes Could Be Wiped Out By Climate Emergency”

  1. D3F1ANT says:

    Same nonsense since the 1970s. The ice caps are still there and so are the coasts.

  2. Jl says:

    Except for the minor fact that there’s no more extreme weather events now than before…

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach asks: what’s the consequences to ShelterBox when they are proven wrong? Anything? What about for Sky News and others who gleefully print this bit of cult propaganda

    What does Teach propose? Teach, Gateway Pudendum, DJ tRump, the GQP, QAnon, anti-vaxxers are proven wrong daily. Should Teach et al suffer consequences (besides mockery)?

  4. EST1990 says:

    Anti-vaxxers. Why the concern Elwood if YOU and your family are vaccinated? Or the health care professionals are NOW vaccinated. Why the concern that some choose not to be vaccinated? I love listening to people claim there are no long term effects of a vaccination.

    That is total rubbish. In fact the very nature of vacines is to establish a long term presence in your body. 1000’s of people claiming knee and joint pain is dismissed with a wave of the hand. People dying after receiving the vaccine from massive blood clots is pure coincidence.

    Now the vacinne will need to be repeated yearly with a flu vacine. In other words the vacine that only works about 10-20 percent of the time because they are just guessing which flu strain will come around is NOW going to be mandated for the WORLD. 7.5 billion doses.

    The Drug Companies love them some liberals now. The left loves them some big Pharma now. All it takes is for the right to choose a side and the left automatically takes the other side.

    Where is the science in this? The left is the party of Crying wolf. Throwing up their hands and declaring we are all gonna die if we don’t do X or Y or Z. And NOW!

    Actually Donald J. Trump is being proven quite correct many times over in things that matter. The lab leak. The border crisis. China. Joe Biden has basically kept Trumps foreign policy in place since he arrived in the White House. Trump tried to pull out of Afghanistan to the horror of the left and Biden but now he is pulling out by 9.11.2021 and the left is Silent. The MSM is silent.

    This administration reminds me of the movie Weekend at Bernies. Uncle Joe is being propped up by puppet masters so the rest can party and have a great time at his expense. Even the VP finds every question hilarious and laughs nervously. A vp by the way who dropped out of the Presidential race with ZERO percent of Democratic support.

    Yeah, While Trump might have triggered the left daily with silly stuff, when it mattered he was doing a good job when the people in the CDC and the Pentagon and the FBI, CIA, NDI and NSA were not trying to GET HIM because the great reset would not happen with him in office.

    Your a foot soldier for stupidity Elwood. You and hairy follow blindly the Democrats because they are a vessel to your political ambitions when in reality the party itself will NEVER give you what you want.

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