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Warmist Snowflakes Getting Upset With China Joe Over Lack Of Climate Scam Action

They could practice what they preach if they’re so concerned, right? Sunrise Movement Getting ‘More And More Angry’ At Biden Over Lack Of Climate Progress The Sunrise Movement is growing frustrated with President Joe Biden’s lack of progress on his climate policies — and the fact that oil and gas executives seem to have his […]

If All You See…

…is an evil carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on white supremacy expanding through diversity.

Fauci Remembers An Early Meeting On Wuhan Lab Leak

Drip drip drip. Slowly more information is coming to light about the potential for a lab leak ‘I remember it very well’: Dr. Fauci describes a secret 2020 meeting to talk about COVID origins In the early days of the growing coronavirus outbreak that would soon become a pandemic, an elite group of international scientists gathered on […]

NASA Says Earth Trapping “Unprecedented” Amounts Of Heat

Now that China Joe is in the White House the climate cultists/activists at NASA feel emboldened to start trotting out their doom and gloom, and now that summer is almost here they’re going to make sure it is really Doomy Earth is trapping ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, Nasa says The Earth is trapping nearly twice […]

Democrats Float $6 Trillion “Infrastructure” Bill

Spending money the U.S. doesn’t have on projects that are not needed Senate Democrats weigh $6T infrastructure bill, without GOP Senate Democrats are weighing spending as much as $6 trillion on their own infrastructure package if the chamber’s bipartisan talks fail, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has repeatedly […]

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