Warmist Snowflakes Getting Upset With China Joe Over Lack Of Climate Scam Action

They could practice what they preach if they’re so concerned, right?

Sunrise Movement Getting ‘More And More Angry’ At Biden Over Lack Of Climate Progress

The Sunrise Movement is growing frustrated with President Joe Biden’s lack of progress on his climate policies — and the fact that oil and gas executives seem to have his ear.

The youth-led climate group sent a letter to the White House demanding a sit-down with the president and vice president. The letter, sent on June 4 and shared exclusively with HuffPost, asks Biden to prioritize meeting with them rather than a Republican Party looking to strip climate provisions from his infrastructure plan.

The group says it has not received a response.

“We’re definitely frustrated and each day that goes by we’re more and more angry and outraged,” Sunrise Movement spokesperson Ellen Sciales told HuffPost. “We elected Biden on a bold climate mandate and now he’s spending more time with Republicans than with the people who sacrificed all their time to get him elected.”

How cute, they sent a letter. And actually expected it to be answered by Joe.

In the letter, the Sunrise Movement called Biden’s attempt to negotiate with the GOP over his spending package a “dead end mission.”

“The agenda you’ve put forward and I helped craft, while historic, is itself already a compromise; it’s far short of what economists and scientists say is necessary to transform our economy and meet the climate challenge at scale,” Varshini Prakash, executive director of Sunrise Movement, wrote. “But, if you insist on meeting with and negotiation with the Republican Party, it’s only reasonable that you should also meet with and hear from us.”

So what they want is dictatorship, while screeching about Democracy. How cute. Meanwhile

Pennsylvania youth to march to Washington, D.C. fighting against climate change

A group of Pennsylvania youth will be marching from Harrisburg to Washington DC next week as they urge the Biden Administration to take a greater stand against climate change.

The activists are part of Sunrise Movement, which is a group of youth from across the country who are fighting to stop climate change.

Thompson and other members of the Sunrise Movement rallied at the capitol earlier this month. They’re hoping to reiterate their message as they march over 100 miles back to the White House.

I’m betting most of them couldn’t walk 10 miles, much less 100, looking at the photos at the article. Especially in the summer heat. The chance of them being driven in fossil fueled vehicles is around 100%.

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