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Climate Today: Guardian Pushes Nuclear Power, Sunrise Arrested At Ted Cruz’s House

There are certainly a few high ranking poobahs in the climate cult who think nuclear power is a great thing, such as Michael “Robust Debate” Mann. Most Warmists, though, are dead set against nuclear energy, especially those who are also extreme environmentalists. So, this makes the UK Guardian allowing a piece rather important If we […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible green lawn that requires watering which is bad for ‘climate change’, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Climate Change Dispatch, with a post on the green job fallacy.

Nellis AFB Held A Drag Queen Show

It’s totally essential for the morale and readiness of the service members, you know. Anyone else thinking that one or more of Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea are going to start getting frisky with all the insane stuff happening in the U.S. military with China Joe in charge? Exclusive — Nellis Air Force Base […]

Bummer: United Nations Upset 1st World Nations Aren’t Ponying Up $100 Billion

They say this money is supposed to go to 3rd World Shitholes Developing Nations as climafinancial aid, limiting those nations need to use fossil fuels, because the UN climate cultists do not want those black and brown people to have the same benefits elites and white people in 1st World nations have had. Also, that […]

Sinema Explains To Dems They Just Used The Filibuster Last Year In Their Attempt To Get Rid Of It

If Democrats really want to get rid of the filibuster, let’s also go back to the old way and get rid of the 17th Amendment, putting the election of Senators back in the hands of the State general assemblies, giving States power in the Congress of our federal republic, the way it should be, since […]

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