Bummer: United Nations Upset 1st World Nations Aren’t Ponying Up $100 Billion

They say this money is supposed to go to 3rd World Shitholes Developing Nations as climafinancial aid, limiting those nations need to use fossil fuels, because the UN climate cultists do not want those black and brown people to have the same benefits elites and white people in 1st World nations have had. Also, that aid is great for siphoning for UN employees

UN blasts world leaders for failing to seal £72bn-a-year deal on climate

The head of climate change at the UN has warned that world leaders are still “far away” from securing a deal to limit the disastrous effects of global heating, with less than five months to go before a key summit in Glasgow.

Time is now running out, said Patricia Espinosa, who was formerly foreign minister of Mexico but now leads the UN on climate policy. She told the Observer that although advances had been made at the G7 meeting in Cornwall last weekend, progress had not been made on honouring past commitments to find $100bn (£72.5bn) a year to help developing countries invest in green technologies.

“We’re still very far away from being fully confident of having a full success at Cop26,” she said. The UN climate conference, opening on 31 October in Glasgow, is considered to be of special importance in the battle against global warming, which is now melting ice sheets, raising sea levels, destroying coral reefs and disrupting weather systems across the planet.

The G7 had offered hope that this process could be boosted in advance of Cop26, but Espinosa expressed disappointment, saying: “Regarding finance, I’d have really hoped for a clearer signal on how and when we will be able to see the commitment to mobilise the $100bn fulfilled.”

Honouring the pledge is seen as critical if developing countries are to come into line with plans to cut emissions and take costly steps necessary to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. At the G7, there were commitments to get to the target before Cop26, but a lack of detail remained about precisely how much money wealthier nations would be willing to give.

It’s not like 1st world nations do not already give 3rd world nations lots and lots of money right now as aid. But, see, the great thing about giving it for ‘climate change’ (and funneling it through the UN, so a lot ends up in the pockets of UN employees) is that it would come without strings for the receivers, since the 1st World nations “owe” the money to the developing nations because of the carbon pollution the 1st World nations have been spewing.

This point was backed by Rachel Kyte, dean of the Fletcher School at Tufts University in Massachusetts, and a former UN climate envoy. “The G7 failed to lead when it didn’t agree how to fulfil the $100bn promise. Their apparent strategy of brinkmanship is wrong-headed. Many around the world are already at the brink,” she said.

“The UK has six months left to its G7 presidency and five months to go until Cop26. Johnson has to muster the world to significant climate finance commitments, purposing development finance and detail behind the global Marshall plan that President Biden calls Build Back Better World. Then, and only then, can we get the agreement we need in Glasgow.”

It’s very easy to promise to spend Other People’s money, isn’t it? It’s very easy for all the rich folks negotiating to promise to give away the hard earned money of the citizens of their countries. Where’s their own skin in the game? Getting those black and brown people to forgo fossil fuels? The same fossil fuels these elites aren’t giving up themselves? It would be great if someone counted all the private jets bringing people to the next climate change conference, COP26, in Glasglow

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7 Responses to “Bummer: United Nations Upset 1st World Nations Aren’t Ponying Up $100 Billion”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Calling other nations 3rd World Shithole countries belies William Teach’s faux sympathies for black and brown people.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Most of us don’t read it that way at all, Rimjob, dipshit that you are.

      Guess it’s because most here shy away from being a cockwomble like yourself.

      Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • david7134 says:

      So what do you call third world shithole countries? And if dark people can only produce such a country, then why do you desire to cover that up? You do realize that your inability to see fault in certain populations is racism.

  2. Kye says:

    This is what happens when the people cease being citizens and start being subjects ruled over by elites who hate their guts.

  3. est1950 says:

    Sorry have been busy analyzing the recent local elections in France and what it portends and where it is leading the rest of Europe.

    Expert who forecast Trump victory predicts Marine Le Pen win in France.

    Okay let me put this in perspective. The nationalist Right movement of Marie Le Pen crushed. Absolutely crushed Manuel Macrons party. Macron got 11 percent of the vote and Le Pen got 29 percent of the vote. Le Pen and another party will form a coalition. Together in the regional elections before next years national election they got 48 percent of the vote to Macron’s 11 percent and the Green Parties 13 percent.

    This is in regional elections. Think non presidential elections in the USA.

    Macron has turned right as 25 of the Main Generals of the Military supported by a further 1000 officers in the French Military wrote an open letter saying France is HEADED FOR CIVIL WAR if they do not stop the woke, AGW Bullshit that is crushing France under the weight of lunacy driven by allowing the massive influx of Muslims to turn a third of the country into Somalia.

    Civil war is coming. 58 percent of the French people agree with the Generals. I keep warning and cautioning the world leaders that the internet is leading to world wide Anarchy.

    The internet must be crushed. It has become the 666 of our world. It is evil beyond words. The leftists social media allows anarchist to organize on their platforms but prevents the other side from even discussing taking a covid-19 shot or criticizing the left.

    • est1950 says:

      In one of the most disconcerting things I have seen in years, the Biden Administration is holding the ALLEGED Jan.6th anarchist in Solitary confinement.

      A clear violation of their constitutional rights. They have been tried and convicted before a trial has been held. The loss of freedoms is outrageous in this nation and continues unabated and right now Sienama and Manchin are all that is standing in the way of total and complete collapse of the United States.

      So about the filibuster. An actual filibuster will ensue and will go on; possibly for a month or two. All filibusters in history have ended sometime — the longest filibuster lasted 60 days when the 1964 Civil Rights bill was held up. Sooner or later, all filibusters will fizzle and a simple majority (51 percent) can then pass the legislation.

      As you can see a filibuster will eventually fail. The problem for the Democrats is that Two Democrats have said they will vote against ending the filibuster and one(Manchin)will not vote for HR-1.

      So either way the dems only move is to turn to another trick and turn a voting rights act into a budget proposal that can pass without the GOP. Again they must get this past Manchin and Sienama. Not an easy task.

      Again this is why Georgia gaining two democrats was a slap in the face of the GOP that needed to be done. In 2022 they will win one of those seats back as well as 3 other seats to take a 54-46 lead in the senate. Our projections have the GOP gaining 31 house seats to take a 245-193 lead in the house.

      Effectively ending the communist uprising by the Democrats. GIVEN fair and fraud free elections.

      Our concern is that the democrats and Doctor FUKFORBRAINS and others are still trying to push this OMG the DELTA VARIANT so lets pass out another 50 million unsolicited votes for the midterms.

      Stand by for news.

    • Kye says:

      Looks like Macron and the commie parties in France need to hire the demofascists poll managers and fake ballot manufacturers.

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