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Interesting: People Want Supreme Court To Look At Men Only Draft

More: I meant to kill this off earlier, as SCOTUS declined to take the case up, saying it should be taken up by the legislature, but, got busy explaining you can have the payment or the product. 3rd Wave Feminists should applaud this, as should all the Leftists who say there’s no difference between the […]

EU Gives Permission For Expensive Green Transition Fund

You’ll never guess where a lot of the money for this is coming from EU countries give final approval to multibillion euro green transition fund European Union countries on Monday approved the bloc’s flagship fund to wean them off fossil fuels and protect communities most affected, paving the way for members to start receiving the […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will rise dozens of feet by 2050, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is No Tricks Zone, with a post showing that “experts” are wrong about Germany’s drought.

Hamas Says Next War With Israel Will “Reshape Middle East”

This should make all the Israel/Jew haters happy, right? All those who claim Israel is an apartheid state, who says they are the aggressor, who took Hamas’ side, right? All those looking for peace, right? Good job “brokering” that peace, China Joe Hamas Chief Denies Israel Destroyed Tunnel Network, Says Next War Will ‘Reshape’ Mideast […]

Celebs With Big Carbon Footprints Join “Call For Code”

It’s always wonderful when these rich celebs with oversized carbon footprints extol other people to Do Something, using their star power to make this push but refusing to use their own money Celebrities Join United Nations’ ‘Call for Code’ Climate Change Initiative Record producer Quincy Jones and singers Barbra Streisand and Cher took part in […]

COVID Today: California’s Death Toll “Drop”, Expats Want A Jab

What would happen if deaths from actual numbers where reassessed across the nation? COVID death toll suddenly drops 25% when California county officials make policy change Alameda County, a Northern California county that includes the city of Oakland, has revised their COVID-19 data methodology, resulting in a massive 25% decrease in their reported COVID-19 deaths. […]

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