EU Gives Permission For Expensive Green Transition Fund

You’ll never guess where a lot of the money for this is coming from

EU countries give final approval to multibillion euro green transition fund

climate change joke

European Union countries on Monday approved the bloc’s flagship fund to wean them off fossil fuels and protect communities most affected, paving the way for members to start receiving the cash.

In other words, to force citizens off of fossil fuels which the big wigs won’t give up themselves as they run around the world trying to save it from a fever

The 17.5 billion euro ($21.27 billion) Just Transition Fund (JTF) combines money from the EU’s budget and its COVID-19 recovery fund.

Just spit-balling here, but, maybe use the COVID recovery money for COVID recovery? Perhaps help out the people and businesses damaged by the unnecessary lockdowns?

It is designed to support communities most affected by plans to shut down coal, peat and oil shale sectors or other emissions-intensive industries. It will back projects including managing closures of coal mines and retraining workers.

Surprise? They’re acknowledging that this will cause pain, especially as there really isn’t energy from “renewables” to replace it.

To receive funds, countries must submit plans to the European Commission for approval, showing how they will use the cash to transition to greener industries.

Let’s be honest, the money will be used for silly things that really have little to do with any sort of climate change.

JTF money cannot be spent on nuclear power or fossil fuels, including natural gas.

Even some of the leading climate hysterics, like Michael Mann, support nuclear. They are a minority in the Cult of Climastrology.


Climate crisis to shrink G7 economies twice as much as Covid-19, says research

The economies of rich countries will shrink by twice as much as they did in the Covid-19 crisis if they fail to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions, according to research.

The G7 countries – the world’s biggest industrialised economies – will lose 8.5% of GDP a year, or nearly $5tn wiped off their economies, within 30 years if temperatures rise by 2.6C, as they are likely to on the basis of government pledges and policies around the world, according to research from Oxfam and the Swiss Re Institute.

Sherman Potter Bull Cookies

The temps have gone up, at most, 1C since 1850. Bunch of doomsday cult hysterics.

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4 Responses to “EU Gives Permission For Expensive Green Transition Fund”

  1. Hairy says:

    Teach that 1 degree rise since 1850
    How much of that has been in the last 75 years?
    And any comment on Trump telling us we should stop using computers and go back to paper? Are you planning on doing so?

  2. Hairy says:

    Denmark’s gets 60% of its electricity from renewables

    • david7134 says:

      Why? Why is it such an accomplishment to you that a very small country with minimal production has alternative energy that is likely more of a pollutant than oil. Exactly what would be accomplished by forcing the people of the US to do similar. I can answer, make us poorer, less sure of energy for which we have an abundance currently, make us more reliant on China for whom you do not desire to have similar restrictions. Why don’t you prove your climate hypothesis.

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