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Doom Today: Climate Crisis Could Threaten Apples Or Something

This is so horrible. No more apple pies. No more apples fritters. No more apple donuts. No more Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. No more apple sauce. No more apples in pig’s mouths Michigan apple growers see threat of climate change crisis through spread of fire blight Patrick and Sara McGuire have been growing apples since they […]

If All You See…

…is a large room that uses too much energy to heat and cool it, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on a Supreme Court decision that illegal aliens do not have a right to a green card.

MSNBC Seems Pretty Upset That Joe Manchin Is Putting His State First

Prior to the 17th Amendment, which made senators directly elected instead of appointed by a state general assembly, senators did the business of the state as directed by the state general assembly. They weren’t there to represent their party, they weren’t there to represent, necessarily, the nation. They did the business of their state. That […]

Senator Whitehouse Upset Chance To Force Climate Crisis (scam) Legislation Through Is Fading Fast

It’s been demonstrated time and time again, with poll after poll, that Doing Something about the “climate emergency” is popular in theory, but not in practice. Most Americans are not interested in actually paying much money out of their own pockets. They aren’t really that interested in practice to be forced onto buses, trains, nor […]

Bummer: Upscale Biden Voting Neighborhood In Scottsdale Upset Over ICE Leaving Lots Of Illegals

There are consequences to one’s vote. They could be good, bad, or neutral. If you voted for China Joe/Kamala, this is what you get Upscale Residents Protest as Biden Converts Scottsdale Hotel into ICE Detention Center The precinct for Scottsdale’s Homewood Suites voted for Joe Biden, 51% to 47%. Today, this upscale Arizona neighborhood regrets […]

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