Senator Whitehouse Upset Chance To Force Climate Crisis (scam) Legislation Through Is Fading Fast

It’s been demonstrated time and time again, with poll after poll, that Doing Something about the “climate emergency” is popular in theory, but not in practice. Most Americans are not interested in actually paying much money out of their own pockets. They aren’t really that interested in practice to be forced onto buses, trains, nor electric vehicles and out of their fossil fueled vehicles. They aren’t interested in reality over keeping their AC higher and their heating lower. So, when it comes to actually passing big, intrusive, national policies on ‘climate change’, interest is waning. It’s kinda like being excited for a party, then, when the day arrives, you realize you really do not want to go and don’t actually like these people

“I’m now officially very anxious”: Key Senate Dem sounds alarm over fading climate hopes

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), one of Capitol Hill’s most vocal members on climate change, went public on Monday about his fear that chances to enact major legislation on the topic are slipping away.

Why it matters: His tweets reflect wider angst on the left that large clean energy and climate investments will be jettisoned in infrastructure negotiations between the White House and Congress.

Driving the news: “I’m now officially very anxious about climate legislation,” Whitehouse tweeted.

  • “Climate has fallen out of the infrastructure discussion, as it took its bipartisanship detour. It may not return. So then what?,” he tweeted.
  • “I don’t see the preparatory work for a close Senate climate vote taking place in the administration. Why not marshal business support?,” Whitehouse added.
  • He also expressed concern about “quarreling” among groups and activists, while claiming that corporate American is “AWOL” and “all the major corporate trade associations suck.”

Sheldon has been tweeting for a long time about Hotcoldwetdry, yet, I’ve yet to see any about him taking the train from Rhode Island rather than a fossil fueled flight. He never mentions anything he’s done in his own life to make his carbon footprint zero. Nor does he push his elected Comrades to modify their own lives. It’s all about forcing the peons to change their lives and give up their money, because none of their extreme climate cult garbage in the so-called infrastructure bill will harm the rich folks like Sheldon. They won’t be bothered by skyrocketing power prices, leading to a skyrocketing cost of living, via the increase in unreliable “renewable” energy while doing away with coal (again, I’m not a fan of coal) and natural gas. Plus, all those ugly solar and wind farms will not be located near the rich folks, spoiling their views.

Plus, the climate cult parts of the infrastructure bill are more about “climate justice”, meaning payoffs to minority voting blocks. Blaming white people. Forcing people who can’t afford an EV out of their fossil fueled vehicles. And so much more cult stuff. No one really wants all this in theory. Except those getting the payoffs.

What they’re saying: “The President is engaged in good faith with both parties in Congress to deliver historic infrastructure investments that will drive economic growth, produce the clean technologies of the future and create good paying jobs,” a White House official tells Axios.

Just like all those jobs at Solyndra that vanished, and the environmental mess left behind?

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  1. drowningpuppies says:

    “The President is engaged in good faith with both parties in Congress…

    as long as the Big Guy gets his 10 percent.
    Just ask Hunter.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

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