Bummer: Upscale Biden Voting Neighborhood In Scottsdale Upset Over ICE Leaving Lots Of Illegals

There are consequences to one’s vote. They could be good, bad, or neutral. If you voted for China Joe/Kamala, this is what you get

Upscale Residents Protest as Biden Converts Scottsdale Hotel into ICE Detention Center

The precinct for Scottsdale’s Homewood Suites voted for Joe Biden, 51% to 47%. Today, this upscale Arizona neighborhood regrets its decision.

Two hundred residents protested Saturday after ICE took over the recently closed hotel to house more than 1,200 illegal immigrants. No public input was requested, not even from the Scottsdale Police Department, which was notified of the decision a day before migrants were transferred.

Government usually detains the undocumented in poorer neighborhoods where they’re more easily ignored by the media. But this zip code has nearly three times the state’s median income, making it harder to hide the ongoing border crisis.

“Over the Memorial Day Weekend, we were notified about the hotel and the illegals that were moved in under the cover of darkness without any kind of consultation from the local community,” protestor Lisa Seger said.

Angry neighbors soon learned their city government has no legal authority to override ICE’s decision. The facility is closed to the public and local journalists were denied entry.

This is what you get when you vote for a Democrat, especially one who was radicalized even more when served as vice president into supporting all things illegal immigration. If you fell for his and the media’s “Joe’s a moderate” talk, you’re a fool, especially when he picks an extremist like Kamala Harris as a running mate. You had to know that his administration would be extremely soft on illegal aliens, though, in fairness, you might not have expected the administration to go this soft this fast.

When the border is protected and the problem unseen, it’s easy to support lax enforcement and vague promises of “compassion.” Last fall, the Biden sticker on your Tesla earned approving nods from neighbors and you rest assured that you were on the side of the angels. Nine months later, you’re on a 108-degree sidewalk screaming “NIMBY!” and wondering why Democrats smirk as they drive by.

In all fairness, a lot of those protesting, perhaps a majority, are probably Trump voters. You have to think, though, that the China Joe voters in this very rich neighborhood are upset that the fruits of their activism/voting are mad about Those People being in their neighborhood.

(Fox10 Phoenix) Families who are seeking asylum moved into the hotel-turned-detention center on Saturday, May 29, a day after the city of Scottsdale was notified by ICE.

The city of Scottsdale said they have no authority to prevent the hotel from being rented for these families.

All illegals say they are asylum seekers: they’ve been trained to do so. How many of these foreign nationals were detained at the border then brought into the nation, rather than making them go through the process outside the U.S.? Second, it should be concerning that the federal government can just come in and pull this stunt in a city with little notification, no input, nothing.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Upscale Biden Voting Neighborhood In Scottsdale Upset Over ICE Leaving Lots Of Illegals”

  1. Dana says:

    Our honored host quoted:

    Today, this upscale Arizona neighborhood regrets its decision.

    Uhhh, President Biden’s leniency on illegal immigration and the Democrats’ positions on it were well known; they got that for which they voted.

    Oh, wait, they didn’t vote for that! They voted for more illegal immigrants poor, refugee brown people to keep serving them coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts, to cut their lawns and reroof their houses, but certainly not to live in their neighborhoods. Back to the barrio with them!

    So, for them I have no sympathy: the Biden Administration has reaped what those voters have sown. There’s no way they could not have known what the Democrats had planned; they just thought it would affect other people, and not them.

  2. Conservative Beaner says:

    Elections have consequences. All of you who keep voting Democrat are going to find out that the shit is just starting.

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