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Surprise: Dutch Ruling On Shell Oil Benefits OPEC And Russia

Remember when I mentioned the Cult of Climastrology winning with a ruling against Shell Oil in the Netherlands? Climate cultists can’t win by convincing people, so, they’re using the courts to jam through their cult beliefs. This won’t harm Shell: it will just increase the cost of product. Which means the cost of other goods […]

Young Warmists Suffering From “Climate Anxiety” Demand More Doom Teaching To Get More Anxiety

It’s a savage circle: Warmists get anxiety from learning cultish teachings on climate doom, and then they want more teaching on climate doom, which gives them more anxiety of coming doom, which wants them to have more information on doom Youngsters suffering from ‘eco-anxiety’ as campaigners demand more climate change teaching in schools There are […]

If All You See…

…is a wall eroding from extreme weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on Texas passing voting protections, and Dems freaking out.

The White House Is A Monday Thru Friday Kind Of Place For China Joe

Now, imagine the apoplexy from CNN and the rest of the Credentialed Media if this was about Trump For Biden, the White House is ‘a Monday-through-Friday kind of place’ Beginning in 1973, when he was a United States Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden had a ritual: nearly every evening he would hop a train back to Wilmington […]

Bummer: Texas Leaves Climate Doom Out Of Winter Storm Blackout Fix

This Associated Press is being repeated all over the place, but, they all seem to forget that this was a massive winter storm that hit Texas….oh, right, the climate cultists blame winter weather on heat trapping gases, because they are a cult. These people are just taking advantage of misery and deaths (at least 151) […]

British Intelligence Report Calls Wuhan Lab Leak “Feasible”

Well, of course it’s feasible. It’s a lot more likely than someone eating a bat or something and creating a worldwide pandemic which spread as fast as gossip, spawning lots of variants in short order UK intelligence reassesses COVID lab leak theory, now says its ‘feasible’ British intelligence services are now reportedly reassessing their position […]

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