Young Warmists Suffering From “Climate Anxiety” Demand More Doom Teaching To Get More Anxiety

It’s a savage circle: Warmists get anxiety from learning cultish teachings on climate doom, and then they want more teaching on climate doom, which gives them more anxiety of coming doom, which wants them to have more information on doom

Youngsters suffering from ‘eco-anxiety’ as campaigners demand more climate change teaching in schools

There are growing calls for schools to teach more about climate change.

Students say they feel “held back” by not knowing enough.

Some teachers describe the national curriculum as “limited” and want it extended to include more on the climate emergency.

Student campaign group, Teach the Future, believes the subject should be mandatory for all year groups.

The group’s co-ordinator, Scarlett Westbrook, says climate change is “glossed over”.

She surveyed students and found only four percent felt they knew enough about the climate crisis.

“We need the knowledge to be able to deal with this post-climate breakdown world that we’re going to be entering, as we exit university and schooling and into the workforce,” Scarlett said.

So, wait, only four percent feel they know enough, yet, they’re all saying we are Doomed from a slight increase in Earth’s global temperature in the past 170 years? Really? And this is giving them climate cult anxiety? They do understand that the Internet is available for research, right? As is the library? And can read books from the book store and Amazon, right?

Scarlett said increasing numbers of young people are suffering from “eco-anxiety” because their educations fails to tackle their concerns over the climate.

How can they have anxiety if they do not know anything?

In a statement a spokesperson for the Department for Education said: “It is vital that young people are taught about climate change, which is why relevant topics are included in the national curriculum for both primary and secondary schools.

“Teachers have the freedom to expand on these areas if they wish to do so.”

Indoctrination, and then teachers who aren’t versed in science and climate doom-mongering even more.

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2 Responses to “Young Warmists Suffering From “Climate Anxiety” Demand More Doom Teaching To Get More Anxiety”

  1. Est1950 says:

    We have been in crisis mode for a couple of weeks now. Meeting after meeting attempting to piece together what is happening around the world as well as in the USA.

    The great reset is here. This is why there are so many jobs available but no one to take them.

    Pent up demand and the governments giving people money to stay at home and to not purchase(C O N S U M E) has created inflationary pressure on the worlds economies.

    The basis of the great reset is to reset governments debts at the expense of the citizens who get no vote in saying so. This is happening by offering people money, but then having nothing for them to spend the money on.

    The demand continues to grow and inflation continues to expand. This is part of the pressure being applied by the global governments which will lead to the USA losing the status of having the worlds economy based upon the dollar.

    Destroying the dollar will hyper-inflate things in the USA and cut property values to lows not seen since before world war 2. Your home will within the space of months become nearly worthless as hyperinflation ravages the world due to covid-19. Lest you forget the drug companies are planning as we speak to combine the Flu shot and the Covid shot together and force the world to take a shot each year in order to function in society.

    Israel is being attacked in the middle east in an attempt to drive oil prices higher adding to inflation. This is by design and not by accident. The fact the leftist governments around the world are once again attacking Israel and encouraging attacks on Israel always destabilizes oil prices.

    If you have inflation and an inflated oil price which is the driver of economies around the world then the inflation that is a result of pent up demand but NOTHING TO CONSUME will only add to the inflation.

    In short the GREAT RESET started months ago, even before Biden took office and it was absolutely necessary to get Trump out of the White House in order to continue with the great reset which is designed to destroy OIL and Natural Gas and Coal and turn rich countries poor.

    Without what makes them rich the end result is a world that will cease consumerism in the vain attempt at preventing Armageddon. IE AGW. It is also handing the world to the Communist Chinese as insanity rules the west with WOKENESS beyond reason.

  2. Mike-SMO says:

    I did some reading about coal in Illinois and the geology (How is “loess” pronounced?). Glaciers seem to have made a big contibution to the surface geology of the state. The “Illinois” advance, the “Wisconsin” advance and several before those. A cold spell produces a glacier, then it melts. I didn’t see any mention of guys in furry underwear waving mastodon fat torches to cause the glacier melting warmth. I must have missed that part of the story, but I am sure that pre-man-made climate warming must have been dramatic.

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