Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Wants To Force You Out Of Your Fossil Fueled Vehicle, Change Your Life

The original headline of this opinion piece was “To Fight Climate Change, Replace Fossil Fuels At Home And Work”, which was probably considered a little too scary even for NY Times readers. And would lead to inconvenient questions like “has Senator Heinrich given up his own use of fossil fuels at home and work? How about the rest of his elected climate cult Comrades?”

Your Next Car and Clothes Dryer Could Help Save Our Planet

Our future depends on our acting now to confront the climate crisis by enacting policies to convert our economy from fossil fuels to clean energy. By making this switch, we will also create millions of new jobs, save American households money on their energy bills and protect lives by improving the air we breathe in our homes and workplaces.

To get there, we need to begin by electrifying large parts of our economy and changing the supply of all that electricity from polluting fuels to clean energy. We must start with our homes and vehicles because, according to research from Rewiring America, a nonprofit organization focused on the widespread electrification of the U.S. economy, 42 percent of all of our energy-related carbon emissions come from the machines we have in our households and our cars. To keep global warming at livable temperatures, we need to replace existing machines that use fossil fuels with clean electric substitutes when they reach the end of life.

Deep decarbonization analyses, such as a recent report by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, conclude that working to electrify our vehicles, homes and businesses is a critical part of achieving economywide net-zero emissions by 2050.

The jobs thing again, which barely seem to materialize. And, perhaps you will save one energy bills. But that won’t be for a while, as the cost to replace the vehicles and appliances will be expensive to start with. Has Martin done this in his own life?

Rewiring America offers one blueprint for this transition that underscores its enormous scope — and the benefits that will result. The group has calculated that we must replace or install one billion machines. More than half of those would replace the ones we now have in our homes that burn fossil fuels — including our space-heating machines like furnaces, water heaters, cars, and clothes dryers. What if we build those electric appliances in America? That’s a lot of manufacturing.

That’s a lot of manufacturing, yes. Who’s going to do it? China? America doesn’t make most of this stuff anymore, sadly. It would cost thousands to replace my natural gas heating and gas fireplace: how long would it take to recoup that money in electric bill savings? Oh, wait, gas is actually cheaper than electricity.

The other close to half a billion machines are the infrastructure we must install to generate and distribute that electricity — breaker boxes, batteries, rooftop solar systems and vehicle chargers. To power those billion machines, we will need to greatly increase the amount of electricity we produce, and do so cleanly.

Where’s it coming from? Perhaps if we build lots of nuclear power plants, won’t happen with wind and solar.

We need to get started today. And that requires three things. First, we need to invest in upgrading the breaker boxes in American homes so that they can take higher-capacity electrified appliances. These new breaker boxes will help to manage the load on a decarbonized grid. Second, we need to bring down the upfront costs of electrified appliances through rebates, incentives and low-cost financing to encourage consumers to buy them. Fossil-driven machines may be cheaper initially, but operating electrical machines will be cheaper far into the future, and their price will come down with economies of scale.

More government handouts with what is actually the People’s money. And borrowing. Lots of borrowing. From China?

Last, we need to help organize very fragmented local markets, train workers, reduce regulations that make electrification and distributed generation more expensive, and encourage business models that make it easy and intuitive for homeowners to replace and install their share of these one billion machines.

So, government control over the “local markets”? And the economy? What has Martin done in his own life?

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8 Responses to “Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Wants To Force You Out Of Your Fossil Fueled Vehicle, Change Your Life”

  1. Hairy says:

    In 2016 there were about 300000 EVs registered in the USA
    In 2020 that number jumped to over 1000000

    The change over is happening
    Tesla has received deposits for 1000000 cyber trucks
    Next year tesla should also have a 25000$ model

    • alanstorm says:

      The change over is happening

      Good! Then we can eliminate all the EV subsidies and start building the nuclear plants and putting up the new transmission lines we’ll need.

      Obviously, since “The change over is happening”, we won’t need any new government actions to make it happen, either.

  2. est1960 says:

    The biggest threat to humanity is not AGW. It is China. AGW whackos are environmental terrorists who appear to have the best interests of the world as their agenda when their agenda will destroy the world as we know it.

    BEIJING (AP) — Beijing has denounced a U.S. bill aimed at boosting U.S. technology to improve American competitiveness, calling it a thinly veiled attack on China’s political system and an attempt to hinder its development.

    The Foreign Affairs Committee of China’s ceremonial legislature, the National People’s Congress, issued a scathing statement on Wednesday:

    “This bill seeks to exaggerate and spread the so-called ‘China threat’…etc.

    “No force should expect that China will swallow any bitter fruit that harms China’s sovereignty, security or development interests,” it said. It echoed language used by President Xi Jinping, who has adopted an aggressive foreign policy that responds harshly to any perceived attacks on China’s reputation.

    China is not going to develop using wind and solar. It cannot support 330 million in the USA or 450 million in the EU it is certainly not going to support 1.3 billion people.

    Stand by for more.

  3. Hal P says:

    So how is everyone going to charge their electric vehicles at night when the grid can’t handle a hot day or a cold day?

  4. est1960 says: › world › asia

    A leading voice in Communist China has advised Beijing to bomb Australia and bring “disaster” should Canberra support US military action.

    The ill-concealed warning comes after Australia’s home affairs secretary spectacularly said the “drums of war” were beating.

    Folks Australia just passed a 270 billion dollar increase in their defense spending over the next 10 years. Nearly doubling their current defense spending.

    The drums of war are sounding.

    World war three might be at hand. Guam and Japan are at high risk because of their airfields.

    Jun 01, 2021 · Malaysia scrambled jets to intercept 16 Chinese military aircraft off the country’s coast in the South China Sea, a rare incident that the foreign minister angrily denounced Tuesday as an “intrusion”. › news › world

    12 hours ago · China-India conflict: War fears ERUPT amid new military build-up at disputed border CHINA and India continue to build up their military forces along their disputed border in the Himalayas,

    Joe Biden Calls Putin a murderer and the left hates and loathes the Russians because of some fake narrative started by Hillary Clinton to explain how she could have possibly lost to Trump.

    Top military official warns US peace with China and Russia ‘fraying’
    Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley warns competition with China and Russia could lead to ‘great power conflict’

    ‘This is our land,’ China now claims Russia’s Vladivostok as … › 2020 › 07

    Jul 04, 2020 · In the Himalayas, China is encroaching Nepalese villages and trying to push the LAC further west along the Indo-Tibetan border in Ladakh. And now China is claiming territory of another neighbour- Russia.

    • est1960 says:

      Top Admiral in the pacific Speaks of Guam.

      Mar 09, 2021 · “Guam is a target today,” US Navy Adm. Philip Davidson, the commander of US Indo-Pacific Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
      Admiral: New missile defense system a must on Guam | Guam … › news › local

      Sep 22, 2020 · Admiral: New missile defense system a must on Guam. DEFENSE: Adm. Phil Davidson, commander, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, speaks to the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance on the need to build up …

      Guam and the bases in Korea and Especially Japan will be what is used to stop the Chinese from attacking Taiwan.

      An Admiral in charge of pacific forces is doing the exact same thing that was being said by the Admirals and generals prior to Pearl Harbor.

      My friends Global warming is not your worst fear. Another more lethal virus from China combined with a nuclear strike by the USA is.

      We are paid to take what is and turn it into what could be using what we know. We know China is pushing the world around including two Nuclear powers and the USA is alienating Russia as an ally against a foe of the world more dangerous than the USSR because CHINA does not fear its own citizens, nor do they care for them. They use them for the Communist party’s agenda.

      Which is? › china-really-wants-world-order

      The Fifth Movement: Trying to Change the Free World In a July 23, 2020, speech at the Nixon Library, then secretary of state Mike Pompeo stated that Communist China is already inside our territory,…

      Ahh don’t believe me. Perhaps the most insideous threat to America was the RINO Republicans who cared only about making money than they did the value of America’s integrity.

      A report by Axios revealed the George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations, chaired and founded by Neil Bush in 2017, is raking in a $5 million grant from 2019 to 2023 from the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), which has ties to China’s communist government.

      MSNBC, CNN and the MSM are filled with BUSH CRONIES who interestingly enough are attacking the USA’s efforts to retool to be America first and to bring our jobs back home. The WORLD IS FOLLOWING SUIT and the BUSH, MCCAIN, ROMNEY CRONIES HATE IT!!!!

      • est1960 says:


        WE don not care if you are a Republican or a Rino or a New Patriot Party Republican. A communist, a socialist a DINO or an old school Democrats. We are interested in what is so we can turn it into what might come to pass.

        I am not political. I have no agenda. I do however have a fear. That fear at the moment is of another pathogen more lethal than Sars-Cov 2. (Think MERS which killed 30 percent of those infected) being released in the near future as the world recovers from Covid-19.

        I fear a retaliation that will kill 50-60 million Americans. 350 million Chinese and god knows how many others from a plague.

        Why? › news › article-9556415

        May 08, 2021 · China was preparing for a Third World War with biological weapons – including coronavirus – SIX years ago, according to dossier produced by the People’s Liberation Army in 2015 and uncovered by the..

        May 09, 2021 · Report: Chinese People’s Liberation Army 2015 Dossier On Bio-Warfare Plans Included Coronaviruses. A document obtained by The Australian, titled “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons,” predicted that World War III would be fought with biological weapons. Posted by Leslie Eastman Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 05:00pm 2 Comments.

        People. China is using AGW and Race relations and Covid-19 to destroy the worlds ability to fight them. Notice how they drug everyone out of their apartments and vacinated them and then went on their merry way while the world collapsed?

        Yeah The winds of war are coming and the Democrats are antagonizing someone who could be our close ally in said war. Russia. No I don’t speak for russia nor do I see them as a great ally but what I do see them as is the equivalent of 1940-1945 ally against NAZI GERMANY.

        The winds of war are blowing and we are not prepared as always. Infighting, racism charges, AGW hogwash, Massive spending as if there will always be a CHINA to buy our bonds with their own fake, printed money.

  5. Dana says:

    Martin Heinrich wrote:

    We need to get started today. And that requires three things. First, we need to invest in upgrading the breaker boxes in American homes so that they can take higher-capacity electrified appliances. These new breaker boxes will help to manage the load on a decarbonized grid. Second, we need to bring down the upfront costs of electrified appliances through rebates, incentives and low-cost financing to encourage consumers to buy them. Fossil-driven machines may be cheaper initially, but operating electrical machines will be cheaper far into the future, and their price will come down with economies of scale.

    Well, at least someone among teh warmunists recognizes that massive changes would be needed.

    Did you know that even 200 amp circuit breaker boxes from the 1970s wouldn’t meet the new requirements? In my previous home, in the Keystone State, I remodeled the kitchen, and boy did I find some [insert slang term for feces here.] When I tore out some bad replacement cabinets, I found where someone had scrawled “1975” in carpenter’s pencil on the walls behind it, so I’m guessing that’s when the kitchen had been previously (partially) remodeled.

    The house was built in 1890, and had original knob-and-tube wiring. Some of it had been replaced, and the old fuse panel — which I found buried in a kitchen wall — had been replaced by a 200 amp breaker panel. In this panel, though there were separate neutral and ground bars, those bars were physically connected, something that isn’t done today, and doesn’t work well with the GFCI receptacles we use in kitchens and bathrooms today. Mr Heinrich is talking about replacing the breaker boxes in every home built before the 1970s to come up to code.

    Remodeling that kitchen cost a lot more than I had budgeted, much of that due to the electrical system. Some of it had been upgraded, by a jackleg, but he used the 14/2 Romex wire which was code at the time. Modern homes use 12 gauge wire rather than 14 gauge wire for receptacles — 14/2 is still acceptable for lighting circuits — because 12/2 can carry more amperage safely. You can use 20 amp receptacles with 12/2 rather than being limited to 15 amp receptacles as you are with 14/2. By code, you can still use 15 amp receptacles with 12 gauge wire, and a lot of homes have that; you wouldn’t be drawing more than 15 amps through any single receptacle, but could still be drawing more than 15 amps through a circuit with more than one receptacle on it.

    12/2 Romex is expensive, because copper is expensive.

    There are homes built in the 1960s and 1970s which used aluminum rather than copper wiring.

    Here are a few key points about aluminum wiring, which comes from three authoritative documents at the end of this blog post:

    Aluminum wiring starting being used in single family homes as a replacement for copper wiring around 1965.

    * Between 1965 and 1972, over two million homes were wired with aluminum. There are homes all over the Twin Cities with aluminum wiring.
    * Many homes caught fire and people died as a result of aluminum wiring causing fires.
    * The Franklin Research Institute determined that pre-1972 homes wired with aluminum were 55 times more likely to reach “fire hazard conditions” than homes wired with copper.
    * Aluminum wiring failed at the connection points, such as splices between wires, connections at outlets, circuit breakers, switches, lights, etc.

    In 1972, the formula for aluminum wiring changed, making it a much safer product. Aluminum wiring was used in single family homes for a few years after that, but was completely phased out by the mid-’70s.

    The problem with aluminum wiring is that it expands and contracts at a high rate, which can lead to loose connections. Connections between aluminum and copper can also cause oxidation, resistance, heat, increased expansion… you get the picture. All of that can lead to a fire.

    When the Distinguished Gentleman from New Mexico tells us that we need to upgrade breaker boxes, he’s also telling you that we’d need to upgrade the wiring in millions of not-that-old homes.

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