Climate Cult: We Need To Stop Feeding People To Solve ‘Climate Change’

I’m sure they would be very happy with cutting off the food supply to those pesky “minorities” in 3rd World Nations. The Cult of Climastrology has always been primarily made up of uber white Leftists in 1st World nations. It’s easy for them to be Concerned about the climate crisis scam, as they’re lives are rather easy. So, hey, let’s complain about food

Feeding people found to emit far more greenhouse gases than once thought

Emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases from activities connected to growing and consuming food have been significantly underestimated, and may be twice as large as previously thought, new research finds.

Why it matters: Agriculture is already known to be one of the largest contributors to human-caused global warming. If the sector’s emissions are larger than thought, it could mean the world will see more warming than anticipated.

Driving the news: Through a series of research reports and commentary published in the journal Environmental Research Letters on Tuesday, scientists mapped out which parts of the food system are the most emissions intensive, which provides a blueprint for prioritizing emissions reduction efforts.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they mention the “issues” they think are a problem, and state that emmissions are worse in 1st World countries than 3rd world shitholes developing nations, so, we need to Do Something. Though, you don’t see Warmists giving up their own eating of all this Big Farm, industrial produced foods. They just want Government way more involved. By, don’t call that Socialism!

Interestingly, so many of the things mentioned have nothing to really do with anthropogenic climate change, and are more environmental.

The analysis of global food system emissions finds that activities connected to food production and consumption — everything from chopping down forests to clear land for cattle to transporting food from a farm to the grocery store, amounted to the equivalent of 16 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2018.

Researchers found that the largest source of food system-related emissions between 1990-2018 was converting natural ecosystems to agricultural croplands or pastures, at about 3 billion metric tons per year.

During the 1990 to 2018 study period, land use change emissions decreased while pre- and post-production emissions, which includes making fertilizers, transporting food, disposing of waste, as well as refrigeration, increased.

Those are primarily environmental, but, notice the use of the phrase “land use.” That’s a localized effect, not global, where the weather patterns can be changed due to how the land is changed. But, what do they want us to do, stop growing so much food to feed people? Go back to the way food was grown a thousand years ago? I agree, fertilizers are bad, as they get in the water ways and cause issues. That’s environmental. It would be wiser to control those much better, and they have been over the years. This has nothing to do with ‘climate change’, just a bunch of unhinged, 1st World hysterics yammering about doom.

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  1. Dana says:

    Well, it’s very true that the socialist nations of Venezuela and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have been very successful in fighting obesity!

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