Green On Green: Cult Group Says EU’s Green Deal Is Climate Colonialism

It just goes to show that no matter what one does, it’s never enough, and the nutters will always complain. Oh, and that this isn’t about the climate (via Watts Up With That?)

Green Group Accuses Europe of Climate Change Colonialism

Cancel Culture Friendly FireMeanwhile, the push for greener sources of energy, particularly in the Global North, is driving the demand for metals like nickel, cobalt and lithium. Labourers in mining communities working to extract these metals face dangerous and degrading working conditions.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the use of child labour in cobalt mines is widespread, putting the lives of children at risk, damaging their health and depriving them of education. In Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, lithium mining uses large quantities of water, accelerating desertification and polluting underground waters and rivers, putting the health of local communities at risk. (snip)

Although the end of colonialism was declared decades ago, its last effects in the form of these extractive industries are clear. The system of Indigenous land takeovers, resource extraction, labour exploitation and wealth transfer set up by European colonialists continues to operate and dispossess people in the Global South.
It is against the backdrop of this neo-colonial reality that the European Union announced its Green Deal at the end of 2019.

Underpinned by an apolitical narrative that humans have already changed the Earth’s climate and degraded the majority of its ecosystems, so action needs to be taken, the Green Deal completely ignores the fact that the Global North was the main driver of climate change and environmental degradation across the world.

But, I bet if you give these people a lot of money they will be happy, right? Nah, they’ll just demand more

The European Green Deal also ignores the environmental impact of Europe’s drive for renewable energy and electric mobility on other parts of the world, where resources for this economic shift will have to be extracted. It also does not pay attention to how climate change and environmental degradation have disproportionately affected its own marginalised communities and the poor and destitute in the Global South. (snip)

The EU’s apolitical narrative on climate change – ignoring the impact of colonialism and capitalism and heavily influenced by the very corporations who profit from them – could result in climate action that is not only non-impactful but, worse, could be unsustainable and damaging for marginalised communities on the continent as well as the Global South.

The author does have a point on that, though, in that the 1st World Warmists require environmental destruction in 3rd world shitholes to get all the necessary materials so 1st World Warmists can force Everyone Else to live off solar and drive an EV. Still, these “activists” with their crazy talking points are nuts. Eric Worrall at WUWT notes

It would be easy to write off Equinox Initiative For Racial Justice as yet another sad group of climate communists. But I strongly agree with their point that many rich country climate justice types seem to have a big blind spot when it comes to the ruthless exploitation of people in poor countries, to obtain the deluge of toxic minerals needed to supply their precious green energy revolution.

Yup. Unfortunately, these crazy green groups are crazy, sound like they want to end capitalism, sound like Marxists, and yammer about all the same left with crazy.

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