Steny Hoyer Offers Up Final Dem Argument To Vote D

After a long silly season, in which Democrats have made everything personal, have used attack ads at a greater rate than ever before, have insulted Republican/Conservative women as “sluts and nuts“, and have run away from their actual legislative “accomplishments”, not too mention avoiding their president, Steny Hoyer, the Democrat House Majority leader offers up his reasons to vote Democrat, a list of the the same old same old talking points (he was offered the gig because Nancy Pelosi declined. I wonder why?)

These are tough times for many Americans. Two years ago, we were losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month; and though our country has made real progress since then — with our private sector adding jobs for 10 straight months, our economy growing for an entire year, and value returning to savings and retirement accounts — millions of Americans are still unemployed, or fearful about the future.

How dare you little people be fearful! Just because the economy is mostly stagnant, with a meager 2% third quarter GDP, a measure is actually slowing, and unemployment at 9.6%. It was 9.5% when the “great recession” ended in June 2009. I’m sure Steny will tell us all about what Democrats have been doing to create jobs. And doing. And doing. And doing. And will continue to try and do, because it isn’t working, mainly due to two words: Confidence and Certainty. Americans and business have little confidence in Democrat policies, and their policies create intense uncertainty.

This election puts us at a fork in the road: back to the Republican policies that created a middle-class crisis, or moving forward with Democratic policies that have brought us back from the brink of economic disaster and have us creating jobs and rebuilding a strong middle class.

Really? 9.6% and 2%. ‘Nuff said. Well, also, who was in control of Congress when the economy collapsed?

To keep creating good jobs, we are advancing the Make It In America agenda: a plan to rebuild American manufacturing. By making investments in technology and our workforce, and fighting for a fair trade playing field, we can create the conditions for more well-paying manufacturing jobs in America, and more products that we invent here, build here and sell to the world. When more products are made in America, more families will be able to Make It In America, and our country will have more confidence in its future.

How’s that working? What? 9.6%? My goodness!

The Make It In America agenda has cut taxes and increased loans for small businesses, sped up the process for American inventors to get their products to market, and eliminated tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas. And we are working to hold China accountable for the currency manipulation that gives its goods an unfair advantage.

9.6%. And, is it really such a good idea to get in a pissing match with a country that holds a large portion of America’s debt? Furthermore, apparently said tax cuts and loans were worthless to small business. 9.6%.

Now, we want to continue cutting taxes and creating jobs for the middle class. We’ve already cut taxes for 95% of Americans, and we cut taxes for small businesses 16 times. In fact, according to Bruce Bartlett, a top economic adviser to President Reagan, “federal taxes are very considerably lower by every measure since Obama became president.” We are fighting to keep taxes low for the middle class, while Republicans hold middle-class tax cuts hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy, financed by an additional $700 billion in debt.

Yet, those tax cuts haven’t worked, have they? 9.6 and 2.

Anyhow, that goes on and on for awhile, feel free to fisk the rest, until Steny gets into the same old “Republican policies of the past,” yammer yammer yammer (I despise that “yada yada yada” thing, and I have just pinched myself for even writing it), before ending with

Americans deserve a party whose commitment to the middle class runs deep to its core — a party fighting for new ways to help working families Make It In America. That’s what Democrats are proud to offer.

How’s that working out for you middle class folks? Are you thrilled at what ObamaCare will do to your health care and health insurance? Are you thrilled to have been on unemployment for years, or known someone in the same boat? Does it give you a shiver to know that people have actually given up on looking for work? How about that companies are still making major layoffs? Are you tired of Democrats favoring union fat cats over private sector companies that actually create wealth? Do you love that Democrats mortgaged your grandkids future, and now want to make you pay for the Stimulus boondoggle that you didn’t want in the first place? Are you like the prospect of the economy destroying cap and tax? How about government taking your wages and giving them to others who didn’t earn them? How about the under the radar idea to confiscate your 401k? Apparently, you’re not, because Democrats are looking to lose 50-60 House seats. Probably 5-8 Senate seats. Dozens of governor mansions. Capture control in up to 18 more State legislatures. Voters are showing Democrats no mercy in what will be a tsunami of a wipeout.

(Top graphic found at Hyperbole For 1000, bottom one in comments at Brand New)

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2 Responses to “Steny Hoyer Offers Up Final Dem Argument To Vote D”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Take a look at this article from the Heritage Group:

    Using the government’s own numbers, in fiscal 2010 saw biggest increase in regulatory burdens placed on US economy since measurements began.

    While the Democrats and Progressives talk about helping small businesses and not increasing the “tax burden” on the middle and lower class, in fact they were doing everything they could to stifle economic growth as well as place additional economic burdens on everyone.

    Republicans and conservatives that get elected should well remember that this election is not an endorsement of them, but a revolt against those in office.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hah! The D minus image is the best.

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