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Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park And Tricia Helfer

Yum. Just in time for the new BSG from a Cylon point of view DVD (comes out October 27th, before being shown on TV). See the rest at Maxim. Speaking of hot Scifi babes, Maxim has the Top 17. And the 10 things women want in a man. If you want #6, you can’t have […]

Something’s Chasing Me!

Testing A New Captcha Plugin

WP Captcha-Free is only tested up to WP 2.8.4, I am running 2.8.5, so, want to see if it will work. Essentially, you will not see any sort of challenge. If you could, leave a comment, whatever you want, as a test. Thanks. More: nope, that one sucks, errors out every time for me when […]

Attempted Honor Killing In Arizona

Religion of Peace Noor Almaleki’s lifestyle would not strike many Americans as unusual. The 20-year-old had pages on Facebook and MySpace. She had lots of friends. She posted details about her 5-foot-3 frame, along with an alluring photo, on a Web site for aspiring models and actresses. She lived with her boyfriend and his mother. […]

If It’s Saturday, It Must Be A Day For A Big Climate Change Demonstration

Hey, let’s all jump in our cars and drive to the meeting site. We’ll create lots of signs made from paper, we’ll all have our bottles of water, and we’ll protest man caused global warming, er, climate change, because it is cold Environmentalists across California have organized a series of colorful events Saturday to press for tough […]

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