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AGW Now Creating More Hookers

They write this as if it is a bad thing Caroline Malema, from Malawi, is telling us that women in her village are turning to prostitution because they can no longer make enough money from farming. But, if no one is making money, who can afford a hooker? Most of the farmers don’t use the […]

It’s Monday. You Need Some Motivation (21 Photos)

Obama Disses Dalai Lama To Woo Red China

Hey, you remember the Dalai Lama, right? He’s the guy who met with President Bush and on whom Congress bestowed a Congressional Gold Medal “for what American legislators say is his fight for democracy, freedom, and Tibet’s cultural heritage through a negotiated settlement with Beijing based on autonomy within the People’s Republic.” He offered up […]

President Narcissist Angry At General McChrystal. Now With Surrender!

Apparently, The One doesn’t like to be upstaged or lectured on the reality of the situation in Afghanistan. I mean, how dare, DARE, one of those commanders on the ground that he promised again and again to listen to speak out after being mostly blown off during the first 8 months of the President in […]

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