Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

Oh, Good. UN Sending Human Rights Investigators To U.S.

If only we had a President who would tell the folks at the United Nations to piss off Everybody knows New York City is an expensive place to live. But the United Nations wants to know if affordable housing is so tough to come by that it actually violates human rights. Seriously? The United Nations […]

Monday Vampires (seems a good day for them) (23 Images)

AGW Today: Intolerance, Camp Outs, And Vegans

We all know that the Left loves to debate and give people their say, to listen to all points of view, right? Right? RIGHT? A POLITICAL row has broken out over a Derby Conservative councillor’s decision to show a climate change-sceptic film in the city’s council chamber. The new film, Not Evil Just Wrong, is […]

Democrats Seek Way To Take Over “Too Big To Fail” Companies

But, don’t say Democrats are socialist or anything Congress and the Obama administration are about to take up one of the most fundamental issues stemming from the near collapse of the financial system last year — how to deal with institutions that are so big that the government has no choice but to rescue them […]

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