Daily Archives: October 17, 2009

Saturday Random (20 Images)

Protein Wisdom Joins Excitable Chucky’s Hit List As Charles Goes Stalker

The Worlds Most Scientific Blogger and Only Sane Person On The Intrawebz continues to show exactly why he is Mad King Charles Here’s a comment posted yesterday by white supremacist blogger Robert Stacy McCain at loony wingnut blog Protein Wisdom, in a thread started by one of McCain’s supporters: Kathleen Parker’s top picks for GOP […]

Obama DOJ Hearts Illegal Alien Voters

They have no problem dismissing the case against the New Black Panthers when they were violently intimidating voters, but, if you are an illegal? Sure, go ahead, vote The Department of Justice has for the second time rejected Georgia’s system of using Social Security numbers and driver’s license data to check whether prospective voters are […]

Obama’s Capable Of Threats And Trashing Constitution At Same Time

I guess Mr. Constitutional professor was all out of bubble gum President Obama mounted a frontal assault on the insurance industry on Saturday, accusing it of airing “deceptive and dishonest ads” to derail his health care legislation and threatening to strip the industry of its longstanding exemption from federal anti-trust laws. In unusually harsh terms, […]

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