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Ouch. Reuters Calls Barry The “Campaigner In Chief”

They haven’t quite noticed the Neverending Campaign, but….. U.S. President Barack Obama threw himself into the role of “campaigner in chief” on Wednesday, making appeals for Democratic candidates in two state governor races that some see as a referendum on his performance in the White House. Obama was to travel to New Jersey for a […]

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For 39%, Government Option Support Depends On Details

I guess they will not support it, since there really are no details While the majority of Americans appear to have made up their minds on healthcare reform, 39% say their support for a final healthcare bill will depend on how the details still being worked out in Congress are resolved. The finding comes from […]

What Say To A “Green” Military?

Looks like the days of shooting flowers and hugs at the enemy might be coming sooner then we thought President Barack Obama signed an executive order earlier this month requiring federal agencies to set a 2020 greenhouse gas emission reduction target within 90 days – and he followed up by asking  “our brave men and […]

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