Daily Archives: October 9, 2009

CERN Researcher With Al Qaeda Ties Arrested

Kinda hard to top the Obama Nobel Prize hoopla, but, hey, this should make you worried Fears that al-Qaeda is planning an attack on the nuclear industry in Europe were renewed yesterday after French secret agents arrested a physicist working at an atomic research centre. The 32-year-old man, who was detained with his brother, 25, […]

It’s Friday. Let’s Play At The Beach (22 Images)

Eco-Loons Tend To Be Thieves And Liars

At first blush, this may seem a little shocking, but, considering the lies, exaggerations,¬†and attempts to steal money from Peter to pay Paul destroy economies, not so much Psychologists in Canada have revealed new research suggesting that people who become eco-conscious “green consumers” are “more likely to steal and lie” than others. The new study […]

World Stunned As Obama Wins Peace Prize

Not to steal any thunder from the earlier posts by John and Jay (this is being cross-posted to my site, Stop The ACLU, and Right Wing News), but, I just couldn’t let this article go to waste That’s the screenshot from the front page of the UK Times Online Barack Obama today sensationally won the […]

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