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Record Lows Help Fight California Wild Fires

Of course, when the temperatures are low, it is nature A low-pressure system that’s brought record low temperatures to Southern California is helping firefighters battle a blaze near the mountain community of Wrightwood. The fire in the San Bernardino Mountains was 75 percent contained Wednesday morning and hadn’t grown. Evacuation orders for thousands of people […]

It’s Thursday! Let’s Dance! (20 Images)

ObamaCare And The “New Mommy Tax”

Yeah, yeah, I know I really shouldn’t call it ObamaCare, since, like virtually every other policy, Obama gives a speech then votes “present!” In this case, he has outsourced all the health system destruction legislation out to Congress. We’re still waiting for Obama’s actual plan, which he said weeks ago he would supply. Anyhow, Amanda […]

President Bush Rejects Kyoto Yet Again. Oh, Sorry, Meant Obama

Remember back to the early Bush 43 years, in which one of the Lefty talking points was that the world hated us because he pulled the US out of the Kyoto Protocol? Despite the Democrat led Senate having voted 95-0 against joining it in 1997 and Clinton therefore refused to sign it, meaning, of course, […]

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