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The New Republic Pushes For Threat To Bomb Iran. Wait, What?

This should cause a little angst in the Left-o-sphere Our negotiations with Iran are not off to a good start. After the initial meeting in Geneva on October 1–with Iran on one side and Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and the United States on the other–Iranian representatives said they had agreed to send processed uranium […]

USS New York, Forged With 9/11 Steel, Launched

Sweet! The USS NY is, in some ways, heading home, even though this is its maiden voyage. The Navy’s latest amphibious ship was built in Avondale, just outside New Orleans, by shipbuilders who continued working through Hurricane Katrina to get the job done. They knew their mission was special. The ship contains seven and a […]

It’s Tuesday. How’s Your Day Going? (21 Images)

10 Myths About Global Warming And CO2

Over at US News and World report, they actually allowed a skeptic, a denier, some face time to tell us a bit about the myths of global warming and CO2 Former Vice President Al Gore may have won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming issues, but that doesn’t mean everybody […]

White House Fights Back On AHIP Study, With Typical Venom

During the Bush years, one of my biggest complaints, and certainly a complaint of most supporters, was that he and his administration just wouldn’t fight for his policies. But, then, you never heard the Bush administration consistently insulting, demeaning, demonizing, assaulting, abusing, and denigrating private citizens and entities that oppose, criticize, and/or take exception to […]

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