Daily Archives: October 30, 2009

Even CBS Isn’t Buying Obama’s Jobs Saved/Created Numbers

CBS News may be somewhat toeing the Barry Line today, but, here is what they had to say last night Watch CBS News Videos Online The White House just seems to be pulling their numbers out of their, um, posteriors New job numbers from businesses, contractors, state and local governments, nonprofit groups and universities were […]

Friday Werewolves And Zombies (20 Images)

Mischief Day Friday: Where’s The Stimulus Money Going?

For those of us who are from the Northeast, we know what Mischief Night is. Essentially, the night before Halloween is a night to play some practical jokes on people, create a little havoc. Flaming bags of dog doo on the door step. Dog poo or shaving cream under the car door handle. Removing a […]

Obama Signs Law Exempting Prisoner Photos From FOIA Requests, ACLU “Disappointed”

The ACLU releases a gently chiding news release regarding a law that Obama just signed President Obama today signed into law a Homeland Security appropriations bill that grants the Department of Defense (DOD) the authority to continue suppressing photos of prisoner abuse. The amendment, which would allow the DOD to exempt photos from the Freedom […]

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