Daily Archives: October 20, 2009

AJ Strata Joins The Side Of Meglo-Maniac Charles Johnson

Well, this is a shame I have seen the blog wars ongoing between Charles Johnson over at LGF and too many top conservative blogs who seem to be backing one Robert Stacy McCain. I am a centrist conservative who tries to be tolerant of differing views. But I have to say I must make a […]

Tuesday Fall Leaves (20 Images)

Katrina Victims Can Now Sue Over AGW

You knew it had to come sooner or later For years, leading plaintiffs’ lawyers have promised a legal assault on industrial America for contributing to global warming. So far, the trial bar has had limited success. The hurdles to such suits are pretty obvious: How do you apportion fault and link particular plaintiffs’ injuries to […]

DU Thread Of The Day: The Military Is Waging War On The White House

It’s been awhile since we had one of these to laugh at. And, of course, a good moonbat thread at the DU must start with some Seymour Hersh The U.S. military is not just fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, America’s most renowned investigative journalist says. The army is also “in a war against the […]

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