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Floating Homes Coming For New Orleans’ 9th Ward?

Today’s “hey, this looks like a great idea on the surface, buuuuuuuuuut….” The Make It Right Foundation will unveil a house Tuesday in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, which was largely wiped away by floodwaters after Hurricane Katrina. The house is different from others in the neighborhood that were rebuilt after the hurricane: It floats. […]

Today’s Special Word Is Disturbing (18 Images)

AGW Today: Washington Post Trumpets A New Report!

Tell us all about it, Juliet Eilperin! New Report Details Costs of Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions With enough technological advances, the world could get to a dramatically lower level of greenhouse gas emissions at a cost of between one and three percent of global GDP per year, according to a report issued Tuesday by a […]

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Demonizing Private Insurance Companies

Over the past few months, we have heard and read about Democrat leaders doing their typical “hey, let’s insult, demean, damage, and demonize yet another private entity” in regards to the health insurance industry. They tell us that the private health insurance companies should be more like the selfless government run Medicare. Yeah, about that […]

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