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Why Am I Not Surprised This Is On Barry’s Wall?

Surprisingly, I am not shocked by this. Pretty much the way he has acted whenever he actually has to make a decision. But the collection is also not without humor. Another contemporary work chosen by the Obamas is a word painting by the California artist Ed Ruscha. Called “I Think I’ll … ” it deals […]

Barry Cuts Off Aid To Iran Human Rights Watchdog

Change! Hope! Well, lot’s of change, but, none of it is actually hopeful. Except for Ahmadinejad and the Mad Mullahs of Iran For the past five years, researchers in a modest office overlooking the New Haven green have carefully documented cases of assassination and torture of democracy activists in Iran. With more than $3 million […]

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Aside: Higher Taxes For Everyone!

The Classic Liberal Blog: Higher Taxes For Everyone!

Aside: Nice Deb Has The Photo Of The Day

Nice Deb: Picture Of The Day

The CIA Should Be Combating Terrorists, Not Spying On Sea Lions

I’ve mentioned before that the CIA has opened a Center On Climate Change and National Security. Surprisingly, some people have a problem with this There’s been a lot said lately about the national-security implications of climate change, in the form of water shortages, mass migration, and unstable governments. But in the view of at least […]

Obama Decides That He Cannot Decide When It Comes To Deciding What To Decide About Afghanistan

Somebody cue up one of those Brett Favre Sears commercials. But, he did rule out cutting and running from Afghanistan. Which wasn’t actually the current topic of discussion President Obama told Congressional leaders on Tuesday that he would not substantially reduce American forces in Afghanistan or shift the mission to just hunting terrorists there, but […]

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