Oh, Good. UN Sending Human Rights Investigators To U.S.

If only we had a President who would tell the folks at the United Nations to piss off

Everybody knows New York City is an expensive place to live. But the United Nations wants to know if affordable housing is so tough to come by that it actually violates human rights.


The United Nations has assigned an official, “a special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing,” to check the city’s affordable housing. The rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, is to tour the city for the next three days with housing advocates and city officials to “hear the voices of those who are suffering on the ground,” she said.

The United Nations Human Rights Council appoints a rapporteur, or independent experts, to investigate human rights conditions around the world. In the case of Ms. Rolnik, a professor of urban planning at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, her “mission” is to tour New York City and six other places in the United States and to report back to the United Nations General Assembly about housing rights violations and advances.

We all know how this is going to turn out, right? The UN will come out with some report about the U.S. violating the so-called human rights of its citizens with a bit of raaaaacism thrown in too boot, and the U.N. and the AmeriKan left will tell us how bad we are and demand that Someone Do Something. Just another way to slam America, the single largest monetary contributor to the United F’ing Nations.

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5 Responses to “Oh, Good. UN Sending Human Rights Investigators To U.S.”

  1. TFMo says:

    Right. Because housing in Brazil and these other UN countries is SO AWESOME.

    With the bad report (even if every slum was the Taj, it’d still be a bad report), wouldn’t it be funny if we said “Oooh, yeah, our housing is bad. We should spend more to fix that. So we’ll stop funding the UN and put that money to better use. Thanks for the heads-up, guys!”

  2. mv says:

    Last time I went out with a slum lord friend of mine, the people could get away with anything, get free lawyers. Could never get kicked out, practically, even though no one in their right mind would do anything they did. Then some had better tv’s, etc, than I had. I wonder if today the definition of poor in the US is not having at least two 50 inch tv’s. At the very least, the definition of poor in the US is not like it is in most other countries where they are still washing their clothes in a stream and drying them on bushes. These poor, have houses, hot and cold running water, heat, air conditioning, washers and dryers, more than one bathroom, etc.

  3. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired says:

    How about some of those taxpayer paid for housing developments on Indian Reservations in the West? I know some that are less than 20 years old and have been rendered uninhabitable by the previous inhabitants. Wakpala, South Dakota and Rocky Boy, Montana are two I am very familiar with.
    Wards of the government are not held accountable for anything.

  4. fozzy says:

    Meanwhile, some people in the Philipines are living in tents at the Manila landfill. Tents made out of trash. Anyone else feel like they’ve been taking crazy pills the last 20 years?

  5. […] know how Progressives like Obama love kowtowing to folks at the UN (witness the allowing of human rights inspectors in our major cities regarding housing), so, what will Dear Leader do? This might give him the out […]

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