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The Left Creates Fake Glenn Beck Rape Document. You Stay Classy, Libs!

Unsurprisingly, this shocks me not in the least. Offends me, yes. Disgusts me, yes. Shocks me? Not so much. I have pretty much become used to this type of insanity from the Lefties (h/t John Hawkins) The attack on Glenn Beck continues by the internet crowd calling for a boycott of Beck’s advertisers. Can we […]

U.S Cuts Off Non-Humanitarian Aid To Honduras Officially

The only thing shocking about this is that Hillary Clinton didn’t go and call what happened the other month a coup. Had she done that, all aid would have had to be cut, per US law (not that lawmakers, particularly those in Obama’s admin, follow the law) The Obama administration on Thursday cut all non-humanitarian […]

Your Day Is Really Not That Bad (18 Photos)

UN’s Ban Ki-moon Goes Chicken Little Yet Again

Apparently, Ban Ki-moon isn’t reading what his own IPCC scientists have been writing as of late. In his world EVERYBODY PANIC! U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Thursday for swifter work on a new climate treaty to fend off what he said could be economic disaster with a surge in sea levels of up to […]

Steny Hoyer: “There’s No Way I Can Vote For This Craptacular Health Bill”

Of course, he didn’t actually say that, but, that is the meaning A participant at the town hall meeting that was held in Waldorf, Md., asked Hoyer if he believed the health care bill would cause a “tax increase or an increase to the deficit?” “Neither,” Hoyer replied. “The fact of the matter is, though,” he added, a […]

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