UN’s Ban Ki-moon Goes Chicken Little Yet Again

Apparently, Ban Ki-moon isn’t reading what his own IPCC scientists have been writing as of late. In his world EVERYBODY PANIC!

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on Thursday for swifter work on a new climate treaty to fend off what he said could be economic disaster with a surge in sea levels of up to 2 meters (6.5 ft) by 2100.

I suspect that he has no clue that all the previous legislation, including the much hyped Kyoto Protocol, did microscopic to nothing to lower the temperatures. Most of the legislation and pacts pending now in the US and other countries will do microscopic to nothing, as well, except destroy economies. Furthermore, new, actual scientific research, not involving un-scientific computer models, shows that natural processes can give the appearance of raised sea levels.

“We will pay a high price if we do not act,” he told a 155-nation climate conference in Geneva of negotiations on a new United Nations deal to combat global warming that is due to be agreed in December in Copenhagen.

We’ll pay a much higher price through economic reduction and loss of liberty if we do act. People aren’t real happy when they know their jobs will be on the line and they will pay more for everything.

“Climate change could spell widespread economic disaster,” Ban said, adding the solution was greener growth.

Let me rewrite that: “climate change legislation will spell widespread economic disaster.”

He said greenhouse gas emissions were still rising fast despite promises to rein in growth. “Our foot is stuck on the accelerator and we are heading toward an abyss,” he said.

Say, what happened to the Kyoto Protocol limits? Is he saying most signatories blew them off, even as they limited their economies? Goodness!

“Political support for climate action is growing. But still not fast enough,” he told an audience including about 20 leaders, mostly of developing nations such as Tanzania, Bangladesh and Mozambique, and ministers from up to 80 nations.

Actually, political support for climate action is dying. More and more people are realizing that the situation is a load of mule fritters and/or do not want draconian measures which hurt them.

What would a new framework at the vacation spot of Copenhagen do? Well, one thing would be to give Ki-moon more power and prestige. Think about that. Besides, to use a Climhysteric talking point, why should anyone listen to Ki-moon’s opinion? He’s not a climatologist, after all.

Meanwhile, and related, Climate Depot’s Marc Moranobeats Washington Post climate astrology practitioner Andrew Freedman like the proverbial rented goalie (which is apropos, since another new study shows that the Medieval Warm Period was almost as warm as today, and destroys the CO2 “hockey stick” model. And another states that global warming began even earlier that we though, well before the big rise in CO2)

Washington Post’s Andrew Freedman: Dear Mr. Morano of Climate Depot: Your lengthy response to my piece “Obama Needs to Give a Climate Speech – ASAP” contains numerous errors of fact and interpretation. I think you revealed your politically driven agenda quite nakedly when you assailed the United Nations for its role in climate and energy policy.

Climate Depot Response: Please elaborate on the alleged “numerous errors of fact and interpretation.” You do not cite a single specific “error” in Climate Depot’s response. The UN has destroyed itself when it comes to integrity on climate science and energy policy. UN leaders cannot help but cherry-pick and hype global warming beyond anything resembling science.

Here is a very small sampling of what current and former UN scientists have to say about the UN and its scientific methods…….

Morano gets a 5 minute penalty and a 10 minute game misconduct for beating Freedman sensless. Read the rest.

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