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Powerline Dump LGF, Excitable Chucky Lays Down The Hissy Fit

Scott at Powerline puts it nicely We have slightly updated our blogroll for the first time time in a long time. We have deleted Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs. We long ago stopped reading LGF Suffice it to say (suffice it for me to say, anyway) that Charles’s political inclinations and interests now diverge widely […]

Movie Review Time: 9 And Whiteout

Starting off with 9, I’ll give it a B-. It was a pretty darned good post-apocalyptic movie, saw it on the 9th, reminiscent of the 50’s B movie scifi flicks. Mankind is wiped out. All that is left are machines, and some little creatures an inventor created with spare parts and some cloth.┬áThe script was […]

Never Forget, Never Surrender (24 Photos)

An Un-American Display? No Way To Treat A President?

Eugene Robinson, Washington Post opinion writer, apparently thinks history started on January 20, 2009. On the Opinions front page, the article is entitled “An Un-American Display,” while in the screeching single page, it is called “No Way To Treat A President.” Anyone who watched Wednesday night as President Obama explained his health-care reform proposals to […]

9/11 + 8: Remembering Brooke Alexandra Jackman And Andrew Golkin

This is Brooke Alexandra Jackman. She was born August 28, 1978. She was murdered by Islamic extremists September 11, 2001, while at work at Cantor Fitzgerald where she worked as an assistant trader. She was 23. After reading so many touching stories and tributes about Brooke, I feel I almost know her. Her smile is […]

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