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Execution Of Policy Tanking? Give A Speech, Sparky!

So, after outsourcing the health care insurance something or other out to Congress, and seeing it tank badly because people realize that this is neither the policy nor change they really wanted, El Presidente Sparky goes back to the only thing he truly knows how to do, give a speech! President Barack Obama is considering […]

Sharks Are Cool. I Want One

AGW Today: Wildfires And Blackouts And Wartime, Oh My!

You could also substitute “moonbat” for wildfires, if you want It was bound to happen. That is, someone was due to blame the catastrophic wildfires in California on global warming. Rep. Linda Sanchez, the Democratic congresswoman from California’s 39th Congressional District, appeared on MSNBC’s Sept. 1 “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and did just that. She told […]

White House Has Plan To Data Mine Social Networks

Ah, remember the good old days, when people on the Left flipped out and lied about a program to monitor communications from overseas to known and suspected Islamic terrorists without a warrant? Remember when the left pitched hissy fits over the the Bush administration gathering information about phone call patterns from the telecoms, which included […]

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