Execution Of Policy Tanking? Give A Speech, Sparky!

So, after outsourcing the health care insurance something or other out to Congress, and seeing it tank badly because people realize that this is neither the policy nor change they really wanted, El Presidente Sparky goes back to the only thing he truly knows how to do, give a speech!

President Barack Obama is considering giving a major speech detailing specifics on what he would like to see included in a health-care reform bill, a senior White House aide said Wednesday.

Senior advisor David Axelrod told CNN, the president is looking at the possibility of a speech as “one of his options” in pushing forward his health care agenda after he returns from vacation at Camp David next week.

Obama has outlined broad principles for what he would like in health-care reform, but he has left most details to leaders in Congress. Now, White House aides say, the dynamic has changed.

“We’re entering a new season,” Axelrod said. “It’s time to synthesize and harmonize these strands and get this done.”

So, we’ll get more hopeychangey BS, SSDD. Covering 45 million. Giving people an option that competes with private industry to reduce costs. Reducing costs with rainbows and unicorn poots. Deficit neutral. Soak the rich. Anything I am missing?

What will be missing will be an semblance of the reality and true agenda, which is to pass a bill that moves everyone towards single payer and full government control of a giant segment of the economy, not to mention control of people’s lives. Strip everything else away, the “death panels,” the 1,000+ pages for the House version, the multiple Senate versions, access to your IRS filings, everything. What matters is the single payer, high cost, reduced service and rationing, and heavy government control. This is what people understand, and what they are mad about.

Also, Axelrod says the Obama administration is basically going to war. With other Democrats.

This is exactly what happens when a person with zero executive experience is elected.

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One Response to “Execution Of Policy Tanking? Give A Speech, Sparky!”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach according to you there are so few uninsured like 7 million out of 300 million why not just go ahead and insure them ?

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