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Senate Puts Dagger In ACORN’s, And Obama’s, Heart

Maybe the Democrats in the Senate are finally getting the message as the People speak about funding an organization that should be investigated under the same laws they go after the Mafia with The Senate voted Monday to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN, a community organization under fire […]

Excitable Chucky Goes With Pure Derangement Syndrome

I know, I know, a real shocker. Other than music videos, what doesn’t cause Excitable Chucky to become deranged? Whether it be AGW opponents, TEA Partiers, Creationism, anti-Islamists, Christians, Intelligent Design, Glenn Beck, basically, everything those on the left despise, Chucky gets excited. A scroll through any front page produces copious amounts of derangement, making […]

Monday Afternoon Uh Oh (21 Photos)

Ahmadinejad To Obama: I Do Have Pre-Conditions, Chump

Late Friday, the Obama admin quietly announced that they would be meeting with Iran, with no pre-conditions, just as Obama promised during the first part of his never-ending campaign. Unfortunately for Obama, it seems that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad understands how to move from “campaigning” to “governance” much better: Iran snubs Barack Obama’s nuclear talks Less than […]

Obama Still Faces Significant Health Reform Opposition, Still Polling Negative

The Washington Post gives it the old elementary school try at defending Obama’s health care plans – which do not seem to exist, since he outsourced the legislation to Congress – in a new article that would best be placed on the Opinion pages: Reform Opposition Is High But Easing (got that? Easing) President Obama […]

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