Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

That Labor Day Weekend Sun Is Hotter Than You Think (20 Photos)

Van Jones Could Be Put In Charge Of Cap And Tax

Boy howdy, I hate to do three straight Van Jones posts, but, while searching through my climate change sources, this story reached out and grabbed me. On Greta Susteren’s show the other night, with Martha McCallum sitting in, Dick Morris had this to say MACCALLUM: And if so, do you expect [Obama]┬áto step up and […]

Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Also A Mumia Supporter

My my my, you just have to love the people Barack Obama picks to be in his administration, not to mention has palled around with. Unrepentant domestic terrorists. Virulent Black supremacists. Tax cheats. And then there is Van Jones, a communist, Twoofer, and……. More than 150 demonstrators marched from 14th Street and Broadway to the […]

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