Van Jones Could Be Put In Charge Of Cap And Tax

Boy howdy, I hate to do three straight Van Jones posts, but, while searching through my climate change sources, this story reached out and grabbed me. On Greta Susteren’s show the other night, with Martha McCallum sitting in, Dick Morris had this to say

MACCALLUM: And if so, do you expect [Obama] to step up and say, you know, that, This is not the kind of person that I want in my administration, or not?

MORRIS: Well, I hope — I hope [Obama] does step up and say that, but let’s realize the responsibility he gave this guy. [Van Jones] basically was in charge of running the cap-and-trade legislation. He would be in charge of basically deciding how American manufacturing could cope with the need to reduce carbon output, which firms lived and died. And Obama trusted a guy like this with those kinds of decisions? He’s the czar, the green jobs czar. Incredible.

So, a Twoofer, Communist, community agitator, and Mumia supporter would be in charge of the anthropogenic global warming and destruction of the economy legislation. Does that make you feel good about the economy? A guy with basically no experience in charge of legislation that is already primed, if passed, to be a jobs and economy killer.

Via RBO, who also points out that Mother Jones named Van Jones one of the 17 people who can make or break cap and tax.

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3 Responses to “Van Jones Could Be Put In Charge Of Cap And Tax”

  1. PunditKix says:

    Van Jones Could Be Put In Charge Of Cap And Tax » Pirate’s Cove…

    Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from PunditKix…

  2. SB Smith says:

    More JackAssery from the Empty Suit and his minions.

    You just can’t make this shit up….

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