Daily Archives: September 8, 2009

Climate Change Blasted At West Virginia Rally

Heh heh Massey Energy chief executive Don Blankenship blasted supporters of climate-change legislation and other environmental issues affecting the coal industry at a corporate-sponsored Labor Day concert and rally in southern West Virginia. “Our government, environmental extremists, American corporations, and politicians on the right and the left are all endangering American labor,” he said. “Let’s […]

Tuesday Back To Work (20 Photos)

Say, About Those Shovel Ready Projects….

Where are they? Haven’t seen many so far, and, they do not seem to be available in the near future A forward-looking measure of hiring intentions dipped slightly in the United States even as it improved in many other countries, according to a quarterly survey by Manpower Inc. The global employment services company said its […]

The Next Stupid Health Reform Idea: Fees On Insurance Companies

Once again, Democrats are proving that they do not understand the free market nor the law of consequences A leading U.S. senatorseeking to forge agreement on healthcare reform will put forward a plan that includes sweeping insurance market changes and a fee on companies that will help pay to cover the uninsured, a source familiar […]

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