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Check Out All The Grassroots Supporters Of ObamaCare

Now, this is just wrong. Michelle Malkin is making fun of all the grassroots organizations, like SEIU, (never)MoveOn.org, AFL-CIO, of being fakers and poseurs, not being real. I mean, come one, check this out. Liberal groups, supporters of the Obama health system plan that doesn’t yet exist except in talking points form (but, hey, don’t let that […]

It’s Monday. You Need Some Motivation (21 Photos)

Climate Alarmist: Gee, Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Hung Our Hat Solely On CO2

Geoffrey Lean at the Telegraph is just asking for a beat down from the rest of the True Believers (who still refuse to walk the talk) Here’s a heretical thought, one that might even further inflame the great global-warming slanging match. Has the world set out to tackle climate change in the wrong way? It’s […]

The Newest Thrill Ride Named Porkulus

Of course, this Washington Times story is less than shocking, but, hey, all you Democrat supporters might want to take notice of the rank partisanship After a two-week binge to meet President Obama’s 200-day goal, stimulus spending has plummeted once again – and the roller-coaster pace of spending has critics worried about how the money […]

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