Powerline Dump LGF, Excitable Chucky Lays Down The Hissy Fit

Scott at Powerline puts it nicely

We have slightly updated our blogroll for the first time time in a long time. We have deleted Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs. We long ago stopped reading LGF Suffice it to say (suffice it for me to say, anyway) that Charles’s political inclinations and interests now diverge widely from our own.

It was a nice way of saying “we are conservatives, and Johnson has gone stark raving progressive insane.” Most folks would just think “OK, then, FU.” But, no, we are talking about Kid Icarus

Since the people at Powerline have made a big public announcement about it, I’ll just say that I’m not the least surprised that they’ve delinked LGF. Powerline has been going in a very bad direction recently; the “all Obama-hatred, all the time” focus is bad enough, but worse are their articles supporting European extremists like Geert Wilders (who wants to deprive Muslims of the freedom of religion and ban books) and outright fascists like the Belgian Vlaams Belang party.

I’ve been considering removing them from my links for quite some time because of this kind of disturbing stuff, but I was foolish enough to believe they might come to their senses. I’ve written emails to them about it (which weren’t returned), and I wrote a post laying out my case, that they completely ignored. Clearly, this is a direction they’ve chosen, so I’ve removed all links to Powerline from LGF.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Said “big announcement” also included the addition of Gateway Pundit and Big Hollywood to their blogroll, with more detail than the small paragraph about Chucky. Notice, though, that Scott was nice, while Chucky had to roll in the mud, basically calling the Powerline guys Islamaphobes. But, then, Charles is no longer part of the anti-Jihad movement since the era of hopeychangey started. Remember, he removed the banner graphich with the moonbat and jihadi not long after Obama won the election. Now he is part of the moonbat coalition 98% of the time.

Anyhow, check out the fun comments at the Powerline post. Oh, and Charles deleted Twinkiethekid (post 44), another in #47, 91, 112,117, 193, 231, 240, and 304 (as of this time.) The rest seems to be about how great Charles is, how much the Powerline guys suck, and, some other type of sucking

#66 Sharmuta: I have to wonder if they think they’re hurting LGF by disassociating themselves? Perhaps they think they’ll be able to convince Charles to come around to their way of thinking if they pressure him in this manner? I don’t know. What I do know is I think LGF is better served by not being associated with these kook embracing blogs.

I doubt the Powerline guys care if they are hurting LGF, the same way the do not care about Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Kos, and The Huffington Post.

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5 Responses to “Powerline Dump LGF, Excitable Chucky Lays Down The Hissy Fit”

  1. Brian L. says:

    Yeah, I don’t know what brave new direction LGF is going in, but it’s definitely sad to see. For what it’s worth, I think that Rusty nailed it on the head.

    Brian/Snapped “Banished” Shot

  2. Kirly says:

    The man is insane! He attacks his own readers! He bans them, deletes their comments, then LIES about what they said!

    There are now over 1050 members in The Book of the Banned. Check it out.

    They are getting banned so fast now that i’m having a time of it keeping the book up to date!

  3. I remember that one, Brian. Unfortunately, Charles completely ignored one of his biggest friends on in the Blogosphere. Rusty never links to Charles anymore.

    You know, you are the first one to use the beating the dead horse emoticon, Grimcargo. I’d forgotten it was there 😀

    Good thing you are doing that on Blogspot, Kirly. Otherwise, the bandwith for a site that big would run you about $500 a month 😉

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