House Dems Intend To Scold Rep. Joe Wilson

Dissent is not only no longer patriotic, it gets one a smack on the wrist

House Democrats intend to pursue a formal resolution admonishing Representative Joe Wilson for his outburst against President Obama during the president’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night unless he apologizes on the floor.

Senior aides said Friday that the leadership had decided that the behavior of Mr. Wilson, a South Carolina Republican, in shouting “You lie!” merited some response by the House even though he had issued an apology and expressed his regrets to the president through Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff.

“It is a clear violation of the rules of the House, and it needs to be resolved on the floor of the House either by an apology or by a resolution,” said Brendan Daly, a spokesman for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Wilson is being advised to apologize on the House floor. Don’t do it! He made his apology to President Talking Points already. If he apologizes, then people will think Obama did not lie, when, in fact, he did.

(Wilson) added that he did not intend to be “muzzled” on the topic. “I will speak up and speak loudly against this risky plan,” he said in the video, referring to Democratic proposals.

Speaking up is the last thing the Democrats want. And, as Dan Riehl writes

I’m unconvinced continuing to play up the Wilson Obama incident works to the Democrats advantage. I don’t believe the average American cares that much about the supposedly official niceties of Congress. They’re rules, no better than the same ones that give them so many perks – such as their being excluded from any public health care option.

It doesn’t help the Democrats, because, like with Sarah Palin’s “death panels” comment, it exposes the issue to the light of day, and the American people start wondering what the big deal is, and find out.

BTW, doesn’t that pesky 1st Amendment read “Congress shall pass no law….abridging the freedom of speech”? Isn’t that exactly what said rules of the House the Democrats are trying to scold Wilson with are?

Anyhow, if Democrats want to play these games, what say we remind them of the smears of our troops and President Bush by Ted KennedyJohn Murtha, Waffles Kerry, and Dicky Durbin?

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2 Responses to “House Dems Intend To Scold Rep. Joe Wilson”

  1. charson says:

    i think the house democrats should go ahead and scold joe wilson

  2. John Ryan says:

    2 out of 3 Americans think that what “Joe” Wilson Did was wrong.
    However 1 out of 3 sometimes known as the wingnuts seems to think he is a hero. Not a good position to attract new people to a minority party

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