Daily Archives: December 30, 2008

UselessA Today: Say, Maybe We Should Rethink G’itmo

After years of the Credentialed Clueless Media discussing the vacationers at Guantanamo Bay with a plaintive cry, hey, Barry’s a comin’, maybe we should reconsider President-elect Barack Obama vowed on the campaign trail to shut down the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay. But he never said what he would do with the prisoners there. […]

AGW Today: Concern For 2010 Olympics Snow

Sigh. It just never stops VANCOUVER, B.C. – Thousands of airline passengers stranded. Roads impassable because of snow. Power failures by the dozen. The last two weeks have been a winter weather nightmare for Vancouver, with huge dumps of snow followed by rain, heavy slush and flooding. All over the city, people are griping about […]

Jena 6 Leader Arrested For Taking 5 Finger Discount

I wonder if Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will rush to his aid again? Jena Six icon Mychal Bell is in legal trouble again — this time in Monroe. Bell, 18, who lists his current address as 109 Grayling Lane, Monroe, is free on bond following a Christmas Eve arrest on multiple charges, including shoplifting, […]

Obama, Golf, Palestinian Lobbyists

Poor Barry. Just trying to take a long, long vacation, play a few rounds, and those darned lobbyists keep bugging him. Can you imagine the way the press would have treated Bush in 2000, or, heck, McCain had he not blown the election, if he was taking a long vacation as there was a financial meltdown […]

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