AGW Today: Concern For 2010 Olympics Snow

Sigh. It just never stops

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Thousands of airline passengers stranded. Roads impassable because of snow. Power failures by the dozen.

The last two weeks have been a winter weather nightmare for Vancouver, with huge dumps of snow followed by rain, heavy slush and flooding. All over the city, people are griping about the toll storm after storm has taken on their holiday season.

But they’re asking another question, too: what if it happens during the 2010 Winter Olympics?

My God, global warming is going to…….wait, huh? They are worried about TOO much snow for the Olympics? I thought everything was melting because of Mankind and the evil SUVs that they (and the president -elect!!!) drive.

In other words, nature is making its case that it is primarily responsible for the warming and cooling trends since the end of the Little Ice Age. I think Mother Nature is getting a wee bit annoyed for having all the Climaysterics ignore her role. 😕 8;)

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5 Responses to “AGW Today: Concern For 2010 Olympics Snow”

  1. Silke says:

    While I agree the press has a tendency to blame everything on global warming these days, this article has nothing to do with global warming. The only one overreacting here is you.

    Scientists are concerned with the melting of ice on land not the melting of snow. The water that has been locked in ice for thousands of years has the potential to raise the sea level (a point which you did not understand in one of your last AGW posts). Please show me where scientists have stated that there will be no severe snow storms occasionally.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach the article concerns the amount of snow that has fallen in the last 2 weeks. Do you believe that this is somehow more significant than say the temps inside your home refrigerator ? Of course there are MANY factors that may/can contribute to climate change and I think that almost everyone that climate change will adversely affect life on the planet. However, since no one seems to be able to find a way to control volcanoes or the sun, perhaps we should concentrate our efforts on those things that humans CAN control

  3. No, it has nothing to do with AGW, Silke, because it is about cooling. Of course, if you search around the news, you will find that the current cooling is caused by global warming.

    And the ice very much was melting during the Medievil Warm Period, Silke. That happens. Then it froze up again during the little ice age. Much of it melted during the 1930’s, when it was exceedingly hot. But, as far as severe storms, those who believe in AGW claim that AGW causes everything, so, there is no arguing with what has become a religion.

    There are many factors, John, the majority of which I believe are natural. And I am all for controlling the things Man can. I’ve mentioned keeping the seas clean as they can be (dirty oceans kills off plankton, which would put serious amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, thousands of times worse then cars) and doing something about landfills. And, again, I do not dispute warming trends, just that it is mostly or solely caused by Man. It’s not.

  4. Silke says:

    Teach said: Of course, if you search around the news, you will find that the current cooling is caused by global warming.

    Who cares what the news says. They are frequently wrong on scientific matters – especially complex ones such as climate change. What are the scientists saying? Please provide a peer-reviewed study that states the earth is cooling and that man is responsible for this. I won’t hold my breath. You never cite any actual evidence, Teach

    And the ice very much was melting during the Medievil Warm Period, Silke.

    You are conflating two separate issues – whether sea levels will rise because of the current warming trend and whether man is responsible for the current warming trend. Yes, the earth has warmed in the past and we have a relatively good understanding why. Those factors are not the current cause.

    Regarding the melting of ice, I was addressing your earlier “experiment” in which you disputed the fact that sea levels rise when enough land ice melts. Did you look at your glass after you added the ice to the water? I think I did a similar experiment when my son was in second grade.

  5. meatbrain says:

    Sigh. It just never stops. Porter Good, the proprietor of this crapblog, never tires of demonstrating his ignorance and stupidity.

    He really is too ignorant to know the difference between weather and climate, folks. He really does think he can point at a single snowstorm and say, Poof! No global warming!

    Snowstorms are transient, short term events. Climate change is a long term change in global conditions. The deliberate conflation of the two, as practiced by Porter Good and other deniers, is a particularly pernicious form of intellectual dishonesty.

    Porter still does not understand that runoff from melting ice caps that reside on land will flow into the sea, thus raising the sea level. Porter still thinks that his ice-cube-in-the-glass “experiment” is some sort of brilliant rebuttal, when all it really proves (again) is just how ignorant he has chosen to be.

    But I do appreciate Porter’s single-minded determination to give the rest of us something to laugh at. Remember, folks: Wingnuts are your best entertainment value.

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