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Hey, Look, Now There Is A Green Bible

Just because, even though it is Monday, you haven’t said “are you #&^**@ kidding me? In this day and age, you can buy a Bible aimed at almost any demographic imaginable. There are Bibles for everyone from toddlers to teenage girls to recovering addicts. There are even Bibles on disc, narrated by James Earl Jones and […]

NY Times: Israel Reminds Enemies It Can Kick Their Butts

Someone was truly asleep at the switch last night to allow this story be printed. Fair, balanced, in depth, brings up different issues, and, oh, yeah, is not painting Israel as the bad guy. Israel Reminds Foes That It Has Teeth Israel’s military operation in Gaza is aimed primarily at forcing Hamas to end its […]

Obama Learns About Life In The Bubble

And he doesn’t like it The media glare, the constant security appendage and the sheer production that has become a morning jog or a hankering for an ice cream cone – it’s been closing in on Barack Obama for some time. Now the president-elect appears increasingly conscious of the confines of his new position, bristling […]

Save The Polar Bears, Er, Humans!!!

Ya know, the whole global warming/climate change is great for polar bears, especially those that want to lose a few pounds. Eating all those blubber rich seals can really pack on the pounds, so, a little variation in the diet to a low fat one can really help out: Chilling game of hide and seek […]

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