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Nothing Like Girls And Guns

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong During Barry’s Coronation?

Alternate title: Hey, Y’all! Watch This! According to several estimates, the “official” National Mall from 1st to 14th streets is approximately 146 acres. That equals 6.36 million square feet, meaning if you gave each person a roughly 3 ft. by 3 ft. space to stand in the Mall would be able to hold about 636 […]

Sullivan Goes Full Trig-erism. Again

Say, I wonder if one of the supposed adults at The Atlantic would care to comment on what it is like to work with a full blown bat-shit crazy person? I begged the McCain campaign by private email and in a private meeting to give me something – anything – to kill the story off. […]

Pirate Weekend Linkfest Sticky 12/5-12/7

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Girl Banned From Wearing Christian Chastity Ring In English School

A ring. A simple ring. Banned. Anyone want to lay a bet that if it was something a Muslim wanted to wear in England that it would be just supa-fine? The item of jewellery owned by Kioni Lansbury represents her intention to stay a virgin until she marries. But her school has deemed it potentially […]

Another Contestant For Teacher Of The Year

Because it is that time of the year when nominations are taken, as well as awards for teacher of the year An Old Bridge High School drama teacher was arrested today on charges she had a sexual relationship with a male student that started in February, authorities said. Lisa Glide, 35, of Howell Township, Monmouth […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: ACLU Loves The Drugs In Schools

Surrender is thinking that he should get a job in the school system, that way he can relive his hippie glory days, as well as protect his stash The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut is calling on the town school board to end its policy of allowing police dogs to sniff student lockers and […]

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