Daily Archives: December 7, 2008

Girls With Guns

SPF-30? Check. Towel? Check. Sunglasses? Check? M-16? Check. Everything a girl needs for a day in the sun at Camp Victory, Baghdad. Meanwhile, if you want to view two completely unhinged DU threads (9 on a scale of 10), we have: Steve_DeShazer: I’ll hate this rotten bastard as long as I live. I’ll teach my […]

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Pearl Harbor day. This pinup is by Gil Elvgren, with the painted replication of a flag that survived that day. What is happening in ye olde blogosphere?  Ye old Grey Lady is confused how a drill here drill now state could have a great economy. Jammie Wearing Fool is no fool with story Right Wing […]

If This Doesn’t Make You Misty Eyed…

then, like the Tin Man, you have no heart Full story here. Via Hot Air. Ace wants to know where the blue fucking truck is.

Bye Bye, Cold Cash

We won’t have William Jefferson (D-LA) to kick around anymore Nine-term Democratic Rep. William Jefferson, who has been battling scandals and a federal indictment for the past three years, lost his bid for re-election on Saturday. Holy cow, CNN actually mentioned Cold Cash is a democrat. That musta hurt! Republican challenger Anh “Joseph” Cao, an […]

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